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Time for a vibrant brand you actually love. Why be ordinary when you can get paid to be authentically YOU?

Check out my eDesign peers killer branding + consulting transformations for their biz.

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IG Makeover

"Amanda went above + beyond making our VIP Intensive absolutely incredible! She goes into so much detail during the consult..."
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Theresa and I have been design peers for a long time! I invited her to a few of my eDesign design Challenges and we hit it off! It was awesome getting to know her. I saw her feed and months later we were talking about branding. I told her my VIP Intensives are a great first step for stronger branding. I love to perfect people's cake recipe (their biz) before adding the frosting (the design).


During our consultation it was eye opening at some of the areas that were lacking in her website and social media - with custom feedback and ways to improve. This was super beneficial for her and made creating the graphics that much better. She had a lot of fun doing the homework and our calls had a lot of laughs! She is a different client - because she and I share a love of Photoshop since we both offer 1:1 Photoshop Tutoring and so her logo HAD to be super custom and different!


She has more of an architectural focus (doing a lot with CAD drafting and VDA projects). It was a challenge to create something abstract, minimal, and very HER. But I love a challenge and we worked together to refresh her drab and confusing branding to be more professional (and badass)! Her bio is optimized, cover highlights cleaned up, profile pic with a smiling headshot, social media feed is cohesive with "done for you" custom templates in her new branding so she can EASILY and quickly post in a few minutes versus hours (or some of my clients DAYS).


This was a huge plus for her since she is so busy with client work she is too exhausted to come up with social media (like many of my clients). Which is loosing her revenue and potential clients! She now has 2-3 months of professional + branded content ready to be scheduled out. Talk about time saving! I'm so excited to have met her and continue our design friendship! I love being able to elevate my clients' businesses from the inside out! We don't just add sprinkles we perfect the cake!

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