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The Ultimate eDesign Business Transformation! 😍

Check out the transformation of Farmhouse New England. Amanda's eDesign biz, Farmhouse New England, got all the goodies with a VIP Intensive, Branding Package, + Website Makeover - from head to toe. She went from dazed & confused TO clear & confident!

Read about her journey and how we worked together.


MEET Amanda (before)

Amanda | Framhouse New England | Profile photo

Yo, when I first met Amanda, she was in a serious pickle. She had this bomb-ass eDesign business idea but was struggling to find her place in the online world. She was all about that Farmhouse New England style, but didn't know how to showcase it to attract the perfect clients.

Girl had a website and an Insta account, but it was all over the place - no clear brand identity, NO NOTHING. And on top of that, she was trying to DIY her website.

Like, come on, Amanda! Don't you know that's a total time-suck?

But hey, that's where I come in. I helped her get her shiz together, find her groove, and create a brand that would draw in the right peeps. Now, she's got a killer website and Insta feed that screams "Amanda's Farmhouse New England Style!"


So, when I first met Amanda, she was all over the place! She was trying to please everyone and their grandmothers with her design style, which made it SUPER TOUGH for her ideal clients to find her. Plus, her branding was a total hot mess! It was all over the place and had no consistency, whatsoever. She was even trying to DIY her website, which was a total time-suck. But, with my help, we could fix her branding and get her niche down to her target audience. Now, she's the queen of Farmhouse New England style and her ideal clients can't get enough of her!

PRO TIP: Understanding exactly WHO you target audience is crucial for creating content that serves the right clients. The more general your target audience is, the harder it will be for you to connect with IDEAL clients.


What Amanda NEEDED

Instagram Strategy and Feed Design for Interior Designers

I hooked Amanda up with my VIP Intensive bundle to get her biz on track.

I audited her website and socials to see what was up, what was missing, and what needed work.

'Cause let's be real, you need a PRO to guide you through the choppy waters of marketing and eDesign.

We got down and dirty, creating a strong foundation before jumping into the design phase. That means defining her target audience, design style, and niche.

'Cause let's face it, without that groundwork, you're just throwing spaghetti at the wall!

Professional branding is a must-have for any biz to market themselves like a BOSS.

With a brand strategy that speaks to her ideal clients, Amanda can finally stand out from the crowd and attract the right peeps.

During our 1:1 intensive, we nailed down all the important stuff: target audience, design style, and niche.

With that solid foundation in place, Amanda knows EXACTLY who she is as an eDesigner and the type of clients and projects she wants to crush.


What I Did to TRANSFORM Her Brand

Brand Design for Interior Designers

During our 1:1, I learned that Amanda wanted to work with empty nesters and help them create charming farmhouse chic spaces that they can enjoy now that their brood had moved out.

I totally helped her refine her message and whipped up some killer copy that speaks directly to her ideal clients - the empty nesters who crave that shabby chic treasure trove home vibe.

Then, I took her online presence from "meh" to "heck yaas" by crafting some pro branding and graphics that perfectly capture her unique style and appeal to her specific audience (those empty nesters who are ready to give their spaces a major upgrade).

And get this - her website is now a thing of beauty! With a sleek new design and all the right elements in all the right places, it positions her as a legit authority in her niche.

With stronger headshots, sophisticated color palette, swoon worthy fonts + a clear message her Instagram + Website is now equipped to convert clients.



Instagram Graphic Design for Interior Designers

Amanda went from ‘burnt out DIYer’ to thriving CEO!

By working with an experienced eDesign peer (aka muah!) Amanda now has:

✨A flourishing business that keeps on growing

✨An Instagram that attracts dream clients and projects.

✨An optimized website that strategically presents her unique eDesign biz.

✨The ability to work from anywhere with the perfect clients.

Wix Website Design and Brand Redesign for Interior Designers

As a graphic designer, I'm heavily trained in Adobe software, but I know my clients and my design peers prefer canva. This made it super easy for her to get the files and be able to edit, tweak, and expand on them. She's now equipped with everything she needs to succeed!

After working together, her message is CLEAR, REFRESHED, + ATTRACTING her true dream clients that align with her.

She is THRIVING and is continuing to grow her business every single day! Services Amanda invested in:

VIP Intensive Eye-opening Business + Brand Clarity Session for Interior eDesigners.

Invest in your custom roadmap, showing you how to make your vibrant brand stand out + bring in more dreamy clients online. Branding Package Elevated Branding + professional graphics that rock for Interior eDesigners

Stop the scroll w/ custom branding that's uniquely YOU that attracts dream clients.

Professional website design to turn visitors into clients for eDesigners + Interior designers. Invest in a high converting website that can run on auto-pilot + show off your vibrant new brand to land more dream clients.



Wix Website Redesign for Interior Designers

“Amanda has been incredible to work with because of her experience as an interior designer she knows exactly how to work with and guide interior designers to build their brand, story and Make final determinations on their niche.

Her broad understanding of not just marketing but social media marketing gives her a leg up on all of her competitors and helping designers stand out from the crowd, helping us find our voice and putting that down into real action. I’m so happy to be working with Amanda on not only my branding but my website. She’ll be integral in my success. I can’t recommend her enough. She knows her stuff! Don’t wait, connect with her, and get going, you won’t regret it. As a matter fact once you get started you can’t wait to get finished because it’s so exciting to see it come together!"



Are you an interior designer / eDesigner struggling to land clients + projects?

Do you need to refresh your branding so that it works FOR you and attracts the clients you LOVE working with?

Do you feel stuck in your business + need an eDesign EXPERT to help TRANSFORM ‘hobby’ into a thriving eDesigning biz you love?

Co written by Kristin Overly |


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