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Seasoned Interior Designer: Marketing Design Upgrade

This is the story of how Julie at Nest Home transformed her brand by working with me. Julie was SO over her outdated branding and was ready to kick it to the curb! She needed a fresh perspective to bring her vision to life and make it totally her own. We worked together to create a bold and badass brand identity that showcases Julie's unique personality and style.


MEET Julie (before)

Julie was ready to level up her game after splitting with her business partner. She realized her brand was no longer a reflection of her authentic self because her previous business partner handled the graphics prior to their split. But now, she was STOKED about revamping her brand identity and make it uniquely hers.


Okay, listen up folks. Let me tell you, Julie was trying to be all things to all people. I was like,

"Come on, girl, ditch the vanilla and focus on your true niche superpower! That's how you'll connect with your ideal clients and build a thriving business, you dig?"

We honed in on her target market - the empty nesters, and boy, did that get her results!

But let's not forget about the importance of a killer first impression. That's right, your branding is your unicorn, your secret weapon, your BFF. I revamped her logo and gave her an updated look that was guaranteed to make her stand out and attract the right clients. Now she's a rocking solopreneur with a clear message that speaks directly to her dream clients. YOLO, right?


What Julie NEEDED

Instagram Strategy and Graphic Design for Interior Designers

Let's face it, Julie wasn't feeling like a graphic design rockstar, and that's totally okay. She knew she needed an expert by her side to brainstorm a fresh new look and layout for her website. With our 1:1 support, we worked together to craft a brand identity that truly reflected her unique vision and niche superpower. And let me tell you, ditching the vanilla and adding some major 'OOMPH!' to her website and branding was a GAME-CHANGER. With an outside perspective from a seasoned pro, Julie was able to see her business in a new light and make her vision a reality. Because who needs FOMO and feeling stuck when you can have a kickass unicorn brand that attracts your dream clients like a magnet?


What I Did to TRANSFORM Her Brand

Brand Redesign and Wix Website Makeover for Interior Designers

Oh boy, let me tell you about this client of mine, she's a total badass with a love for neutrals and an eclectic "use what you have" style that mixes old and new. It was the perfect direction for her new business venture!

Once we defined her target audience, everything in her brand just clicked into place. She's now able to create packages and offers specifically tailored to her ideal clients. And let's not forget, as a designer, you're not just creating pretty mood boards - you're a problem solver, baby! Clients want to pay you to solve their problems and make their dreams a reality.

Julie is a BOSS when it comes to mixing old and new, creating a super cool eclectic vibe. So when it was time to revamp her brand, we knew we had to keep that flair.

Together, we crafted a color palette that screams "Julie" while also drawing in her target audience. She's all about neutrals, so we made sure to add some earthy tones to her palette to really make it POP.

I revamped her logo to feature her brand name, "NEST," with a hodgepodge of elements that really spoke to her style. Because let's face it, Julie doesn't do ANYTHING half-way- she works with what she's got and makes it look rockin'.

And I didn't stop there - I also added a touch of elegance with some gold accents to attract those high-ticket clients. Because Julie didn't want to play small, she was ready to take her business to new heights!

With stronger headshots, sophisticated color palette, swoon worthy fonts + a clear message her Instagram + Website is now equipped to attract and win more of her dreamiest clients.



Instagram Graphic Design for Interio Design Businesses

With the help of my 1:1 guidance, I hooked her up with a killer graphic kit that's sure to catch her audience's attention! I crafted beautiful and elegant logos that present a cohesive image across all her platforms, from her social media accounts to her stunning Instagram posts and matching stories. We even revamped her cover highlights and business cards to match her new look. In short, I gave her the tools to stand out from the crowd and make her mark!

  • ✔️PROFESSIONAL branding that attracts clients

  • ✔️ELEVATED IG graphics to stop the scroll

  • ✔️TARGET AUDIENCE to specifically cater to.

As a graphic designer, I'm heavily trained in Adobe software, but I know my clients and my design peers prefer Canva. This made it super easy for her to get the files and be able to edit, tweak, and expand on them.

She's excited to get online and comfortable with technology (since she prefers writing everything by hand). She's now equipped with everything she needs to succeed for her new business chapter!

After working together, her message is CLEAR, REFRESHED, + ATTRACTING her true dream clients that align with her.

Services Julie invested in:

Branding Package Elevated Branding + professional graphics that rock for Interior eDesigners

Stop the scroll w/ custom branding that's uniquely YOU that attracts dream clients.

Professional website design to turn visitors into clients for eDesigners + Interior designers. Invest in a high converting website that can run on auto-pilot + show off your vibrant new brand to land more dream clients. VIP Intensive Take a step back and look at your overall road map for you business. Digging deep and answering marketing questions can gain your biz so much clarity in what content you need to post, what niche you are, and the right clients + projects to attract!



Wix Website Redesign for Interior Designers

"Amanda went above + beyond to help me. It was a difficult process for me because I wasn't sure what I wanted. But she never gave up on me + was determined to elevate my brand. She took it as far as she could. I appreciate her willingness to define the project when there wasn't a lot of help on my part. Even at times of frustration she was very professional, kind and communicative.

The 1:1 opened my eyes to what I'm lacking by not marketing myself online. With a new chapter and a partner leaving, I'm excited to create something different. The branding package was so comprehensive covering all the missing puzzle pieces for my business (I prefer hand written so I'm getting there). I'm grateful it's done in Canva so I can easily edit things myself. I appreciate her flexibility with meeting in the evenings to align with my schedule. I'm glad we could connect!"



Are you an interior designer / eDesigner struggling to land clients + projects?

Do you need to refresh your branding so that it works FOR you and attracts the clients you LOVE working with?

Do you feel stuck in your business + need an eDesign EXPERT to help TRANSFORM ‘hobby’ into a thriving eDesigning biz you love?

Co written by Kristin Overly |


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