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The Experienced Interior Designer: Marketing Design Upgrade

Check Out Andrea’s Transformation: Even this veteran interior designer (who thought she had all her ducks in a row) needed some help to LEVEL-UP her eDesign + interior design business! Read on to find out how working with me helped take her business from 'OK-ish' to sophisticated and show-stopping!


Meet Andrea

Before Andrea and I linked up, she thought her eDesign biz was all set up and ready to rock. She already had a website and business Insta account, but she wanted some feedback on her overall brand style. Even though she had all the basic stuff in place, she knew she could level up her game with a fresh perspective on her branding. #BOSSMOVES

Andrea’s branding was 'okay', but it wasn’t making anyone say ‘wow’. She wanted to refresh her branding to show off her sophisticated, classical, and modern style that would make her stand out in the biz.

She was having a hard time keeping it real on Insta - no one was vibin' with her feed. She didn't have a cohesive style or professional graphics that portrayed her unique brand - from a marketing perspective. She was ready to level-up and bring in some serious clients by creating a cohesive style and badass graphics that showcased her unique brand in a way that no one could ignore!

PRO TIP: Professionally designed graphics and social media templates (strategic designs that aren't just "pretty graphics") help your business STAND OUT from the crowd. Having custom + branded graphics will help you stay consistent marketing online!


What Andrea Needed...

Andrea needed some help to refresh her branding + leveling-up her Instagram strategy so that she could attract higher paying clients, and the projects she would love to work on. After reviewing both her platforms, I had a lot of tweaks + suggestions that I knew would take her ‘nice’ branding to the NEXT LEVEL.

We needed to also create a client avatar to help her focus on a target audience to talk to and serve specifically (versus general messaging to everyone that appeals to no one). It's counter intuitive, I know, but there is riches in the niches my friend!

So I recommended Andrea book my VIP Intensive + Mini Website Makeover:

  • ✔️ VIP Intensive: To upgrade her current strategy + feed so that it aligned with her goals.

  • ✔️ Mini Website Makeover: Guidance to refresh her branding from a marketing perspective, so it aligned with her sophisticated style.

  • ✔️ Get marketing clarity and custom feedback on her business.

With the 1:1 intensive, Andrea's branding got a MAJOR UPGRADE! Her biz now looks super chic and polished, which will def' get her those high-end clients she's been craving.


What I Did to Transform Her Brand

Andreas' VIP Intensive - it was LIT! We really dug deep to discver what type of interior designer she wanted to showcase herself as (being more authentic to the real you). This helps align with the right design styles and clients.

We also uncovered her dreamiest ideal client to market to and create amazing projects around that she ACTUALLY loves! This helped her portfolio ONLY showcase her favorite projects to attract more of those (versus having a random feed of hodge podge mood boards).

This confuses your clients and you want to showcase a signature style, having a niche brings so much clarity for you, your clients and your biz (you have more focus and better strategy). You get to work on your favorite design style and become an expert in it (specializing also allows you to charge more).

I totally helped her level up her Instagram game, which was a total game-changer. Most of my clients have no idea how to use Instagram like a boss. But after working together, Andrea knows how to use it like a pro. She's got the keys to the kingdom now, and her biz is gonna be blowin' up real soon. I know you love scrolling through IG, but it’s time to get down to business. As an eDesigner or Interior Designer, you can use IG as a tool to grow your biz and not just as a mindless distraction. I showed Andrea how to do it right, so she didn't waste hours scrolling aimlessly or posting content that doesnt resonate.

We covered the 411 on IG, like:

  • My post with purpose formula

  • Feed strategy

  • Niching down

  • Appropriate categorizing

  • Bio optimization to speak to dream clients

  • Hashtag strategy (you my think you know how to use them but I guarantee you are hurting your account's algorithm)

  • And much more!



Andrea went from ‘meh’ branding to ‘high-level’ branding that completely transformed the FEEL of her business!

By investing in herself and her business, she now has:

  • ✔️ PROFESSIONAL, high-quality refreshed branding.

  • ✔️ A CLEAR strategy for IG so she can use it as a tool to source new clients.

  • ✔️ UPDATED website that presents her as an authority in her niche.

  • ✔️ Elevated INSTAGRAM account that speaks to her DREAM clients.

By working together, Andrea could trade in her ‘okay’ branding for curated, clean, sophisticated branding.

She now has a focused social media game plan so she can post with purpose - no more selfies or random photos.

Her website audit helped to get clarity on a streamlined + consistent branding with specific tips to attract her ideal clients!

Services Andrea invested in

VIP Intensive Eye-opening Business + Brand Clarity for Interior eDesigners. Invest in your custom roadmap, showing you how to make your vibrant brand stand out + bring in more dreamy clients online.

Branding Guidance

Tips for elevated Branding + professional graphics that completly changed her online presentation. We also discussed photoshoot tips so she could update her headshots from amateur selfie to professional designer. All my clients get my Photoshoot Guide to help level up their photos to help Stop the scroll to attract your dream clients.



"I'm so glad I finally asked for help for once. I really enjoyed working one-on-one with Amanda and I'm so appreciative of her expert advice! Her IG and website audit really helped me correctly identify who my target audience is with a clear and concise brand message consistently across both my channels. She gave me invaluable tips for content, organization, graphics, IG bios, hashtags and so much more!

Instead of posting randomly I know how the clear game plan that really helps me attract ideal clients. My brand looks clean sophisticated and professional catering to busy professional city dwellers. She pushed me to get my headshots which has made all the difference with my branding. She gave me custom homework to work on and I always enjoyed our follow-ups to keep me in check."



Are you an interior designer / eDesigner struggling to land clients + projects?

Do you need to refresh your branding so that it works FOR you and attracts the clients you LOVE working with?

Do you feel stuck in your business + need an eDesign EXPERT to help TRANSFORM ‘hobby’ into a thriving eDesigning biz you love?

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call today! I’d love to talk with you and hear all about your business!

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