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The Newbie: Branding Refresh for the NEW Interior Designer + eDesigner

Check Out Vanessa's Transformation! From dull DIY branding, to professional, eye-catching, scroll stopping branding that shows off her business’s unique style and personality.

Service: VIP Intensive + Website Makeover Guidance

Keyword: Branding for interior designers + eDesigners


Meet Vanessa

When I first met Vanessa, she was just starting her eDesign business. She was DIY-everything and her branding, website, and social media was a bit all over the place.

She was extremely talented and loved working with Victorian style designs, helping individuals transform their homes from bland to bold with modern elements and old Victorian styling.

Her branding, however, did not portray the unique style she brought to the table. Her eDesign branding was all BOLD, ITALICS, UNDERLINED, with harsh colors that didn’t accurately represent her authentic self. She struggled to stick to consistent branding which confused her audience and did not attract the attention of her IDEAL clientele.

PRO TIP: Your branding should be consistent throughout all your channels. From your social media, website, branding, graphics - your business should tell a unique story through your branding.


What Vanessa Needed

Vanessa desperately needed some help setting up the foundations of her business. To create a brand that authentically tells your business’s story, you need to dig deep and get to the core of who you are as an interior designer. Vanessa needed branding for her interior design business that represented her unique style + story.

I recommended Vanessa my VIP Intensive to audit her Instagram + Website (to set-her business up for success + cover both platforms), with professional BRANDING + WEBSITE guidance (so that she could market like a pro!)

During our 1:1 intensive I helped Vanessa nail down:

  • Who her dream client was ✔️

  • What her design style was ✔️

  • And her desired niche was ✔️

By doing this foundational work, I was able to completely understand the VIBE Vanessa wanted to portray and put it altogether for her since she was struggling with this.


What I Did to Transform Her Brand

During our 1:1 consult, I learned about Vanessa’s LOVE of Victorian style. I used this info to refresh her brand, creating a softer color palette, consistent font styles, + utilize the skull logo that embodied the life of her brand. She is unique and should flaunt that to attract her tribe!

We ditched the old screen name for a professional business name and changed her headshot so her audience can see the face behind the brand in a cool and edgy way. Highlighting her tattoos was a must - again peel back those layers that make you authentically you.

Not only did we update branding, but she now has a CLEAR Instagram strategy so she can market her business with confidence and start attracting those DREAM clients that can resonate with her specifically.



Vanessa went from ‘winging it’ to SLAYING IT and has completely transformed her

brand from drab to FAB.

By investing in herself and her business, she now has:

  • ✔️ Complete clarity about WHO she is as a designer

  • ✔️ A CLEAR niche and defined design style

  • ✔️ PROFESSIONAL branding that attracts clients TO her

  • ✔️ Elevated INSTAGRAM that stops the scroll

  • ✔️ LEVELED-UP Website that portrays her professionalism

This 1:1 consult allowed Vanessa to find out more about herself and her business. I absolutely LOVED working with her and helping her reveal her true + unique brand identity.

After working together, her message is CLEAR, REFRESHED, + ATTRACTING her dream clients that are excited to work with her and only her.

With the VIP Intensive, mini Branding Refresh + Website Makeover - she is KILLING IT and more focused / confident online!



"Working with Amanda has been amazing. Can't say enough good things about her mad skills! She's a terrific human being and really tailors everything according to your needs, hopes and dreams! She's so fun to work with and we have a lot of laughs on our zoom sessions! She took the time to really get to know me and help me define my brand.

She refreshed my website so that it reflects my personality. She also helped get clarity on my Instagram and give me tips how to improve and get more ideal clients. And now looks more professional to fix my style. She has given me so many valuable tips when it comes to my business, IG and website! I'm so thankful for her expert advice and I can't wait for our follow-up appointments but she's become a dear friend!"



Ok my fellow interior eDesign peers - you're next! Are you ready to completely TRANSFORM your interior design + eDesign business into something truly unstoppable? I think it's time and well overdue.

Let’s work together to turn your biz into ‘just getting by’ into ‘absolutely SLAYING it’ with a 1:1 consultation!

Stop procrastinating and get the help you need to flip your biz into something you actually LOVE that attracts PROFITS not crickets ;)

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👉Co Author: Kristin Overly: Kristin Overly Copywriting