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Elevated Branding + professional graphics that rock for Interior eDesigners

Stop the scroll w/ custom branding that's uniquely YOU that attracts dream clients.

branding package

Any of these sound familiar?

Old Logo

Your old is totally not your vibe + costing you the RIGHT awesome clients + projects. 

DIY logo

You tried DIY, but real talk, you aint a graphic designer + it aint cute...

cheap graphics

You went cheap w/ Fiverr or Etsy + paying the price. Time to upgrade + go custom!


ditch the vanilla 
build a vibrant brand

Elevated + professional graphics for my interior eDesigner peers

The FIRST step when working together is your custom VIP Intensive session. There is a TON of foundational work that needs to be done before the branding graphics. 


To have effective messaging that truly represents your brand, you need:


To KNOW who you are as a designer FIRST so that the essence of your biz comes across in your new vibrant branding.

Let's conquer your inner designer + dream client FIRST before rushing into another random or "pretty" logo.

Nailing these will give you a strong brand identity plus amplify your business' marketing strategy which trickles down to your social media + website!

If you haven’t finished Step 1 yet, don't worry GO BACK + book your  1:1 VIP Intensive session with me.

So you're here because...


You’ve just started your biz + need the works! Logo, color palette, fonts, graphics, the whole sha-bang.

You need a rebrand (because let's face it- that sad logo from 3 years ago just ain’t cutting it anymore. 

Stop the low quality DIY stock logo trend. Quit wasting money on cheap bandaids for your brand. Ya need a CUSTOM package that doesn't blend in w/ the rest of the copycats out there.  This bundle will give your biz a lit visual identity and attract your dream clients like a boss.

NO branding

OLD branding

AmandaGraffiti -454_edited.png

So what will we do w/ the branding package?

eDesign expert, Amanda Foster, stands with hand on hip.


Reviewing the inner designer homework + ideal client to shape your  unique brand identity.


Research your competitors so you can stand out uniquely from the crowd like an authentic boss.


Utilize design principles + sales psychology to lure in clients with a marketing perspective.


Knowing our industry gives me background into creating stunning visuals for your biz.

If you want your branding to be more than just *pretty* visuals then you NEED to invest in professional + strategic graphics that clearly represents your business. You deserve custom graphics for your unique + authentic story.


Rock your biz w/ a trusted industry pro

I know the ins and outs of the industry and what it takes to kill it.

Let's upgrade your brand, website, + marketing cohesively, so across all platforms makes you look like an elevated boss who rocks every project.

Branding expert for eDesigners stands holding her laptop wearing a white blazer, graphic T, and blue skirt.

real talk!

Hiring just any rando graphic designer hasn't worked - you need someone who knows our industry. 

You need a designer who's got legit graphic design degree + marketing experience to level up your biz. 

Someone who can make bolder + vibrant branding that'll resonate like crazy with your dream clients.

So why am I the best graphic designer for you?

Because I’m not your average designer. I'm even BETTER.

Amanda Foster, branding expert is smiling at camera.

I'm your one stop shop - interior, graphic, + web design all rolled up into 1.



Bachelors degree in interior design w/ a concentration in architecture.



AA Degree in Fine Arts and graphic design with a focus in marketing. 



1000's of hours of web design experience from various projects, clients, firms and sites.

Let’s get you branding you LOVE, shall we? 

I'll create branding that seamlessly tells your story + graphics that stop the scroll. Who better for the job than a seasoned professional interior eDesigner who also runs a profitable biz? I'm your peer who knows our industry!

Check out project + BIZ transformations