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When you Niche Down Your Interior Design Branding is CLEAR.

Check Out Ebony’s Transformation! Go from ‘eDesign hobby’ to ‘thriving career!’ If you’re a new interior designer + eDesigner looking to create your own profitable business, this CLIENT TRANSFORMATION is for you! Professional branding can make ALL the difference.

Service: Branding Kit + Social Media Templates

Keyword: Importance of Interior Design Branding


Meet Ebony

Ebony daydreamed about taking her home decor hobby to the next level and turning it into a serious profession. She just felt stumped on HOW to do this. She was in the beginning stages of her biz + needed help finding her niche.

She had been doing it all (DIY) herself but knew she could level-up her brand and look more professional with expert branding that captured the true essence of her business.

Ebony struggled to stay consistent on Instagram and create memorable branding that attracted clients. She used a lot of mix-n-match posts with different colors that made it hard for her audience to recognize her brand.

Because she didn’t have a clear brand identity, her Instagram lacked an effective strategy and she rarely received leads or inquiries. She needed help to transform her brand from ‘chaotic’ to ‘professional.’

PRO TIP: Marketing designs help your business STAND-OUT from the crowd. Having custom + branded graphics will help you stay consistent marketing online!


What Ebony Needed...

After reviewing Ebony’s accounts, I recommended she invest in my VIP Intensive and the custom Branding Package.

✔️ In my VIP Intensive - we dive deep into the core of your brand nailing down your brand identity, niche, client avatar, and more. I knew this session would help Ebony find clarity on her brand identity so that we could create stronger branding that actually aligns with her business and target audience.

✔️ I also recommended that Ebony invest in the custom Branding Package so she could stay consistent across all her channels with elevated + professional graphics that are unique to help her stand out from her competitors in our saturated and growing market.

✔️ This service would also help Ebony clean up her Instagram feed, make it more professional, and draw clients to her - so she could start turning her hobby into a real-time business.


What I Did to Transform Her Brand

During our 1:1 consult, I learned Ebony loved the jungle boho design style, and how much she loved working with individuals who wanted to bring plant life and this casual style into their home through working with her or her now focused DIY tutorials.

I created custom graphics that embody her branding so that could market her business on Instagram with consistency and cohesion, while staying true to her brand.

We shortened her previously long IG name to something professional and memorable. We created a clear bio so visitors landing on her site would know who she was, and what she offered, and why they should work with her.

I also helped her develop a personal brand strategy that included consistent posts, colors, + fonts, deleted a bunch of random stories, and cleaned up her feed to present a more professional look. We also added custom and branded highlight covers to show off her best work and guide her clients to an easy user interface.

Not only did we update branding, but she now has a CLEAR Instagram strategy so she can market her business with confidence and start attracting those DREAM clients (now that she knows who hey are versus trying to talk to EVERYBODY aka nobody)!



Ebony went from ‘hobby-ist’ to ‘professional AF’ and has transformed her business for the better. Not embarrassed of her account looking amateur and IG confident.

By investing in herself and her business, she now has:

  • ✔️ Complete clarity about WHO she is as a designer

  • ✔️ A CLEAR niche and defined design style

  • ✔️ PROFESSIONAL branding that attracts clients TO her

  • ✔️ Elevated INSTAGRAM that stops the scroll

  • ✔️ LEVELED-UP Website that portrays her professionalism

This 1:1 consult allowed Ebony to find out more about herself and her business so that we could create memorable and resonating branding that ATTRACTS the right clients.

From a marketing perspective it helps to nail down these key elements! Having a mentor that has done it all and can elevate your business takes that off your plate!

After working together, her message is CLEAR, REFRESHED, + ATTRACTING her dream clients in her unique jungle boho niche!



"As a social media newbie, I've valued the input from Amanda helping me to strengthen my branding and Insta game. I was lost and completely overwhelmed on where to even start. Having an extra set of eyes with specific guidance when it came to understanding what wasn't working with my account was so helpful. As a procrastinator, I needed accountability with deadlines to get me cracking!

Amanda went above and beyond to teach and support me with spot on advice. I'm already reaping the benefits. She helped me create a custom logo, defined a consistent color palette, and reviewed my IG account to ensure it was optimized for my audience. I now have a clear bio, a posting strategy with consistent colors and a cleaner feed with awesome new highlight covers. The one-on-one homework and feedback has me thinking so much differently when I post or create a real. I now have a professional look and feel so much more confident on the gram. I treat it now as a business - not a hobby."



If you want to make a GREAT first impression, professional branding is where it’s at!

If you’re looking to have this type of transformation to turn your ‘hobby’ into a big time business - I cannot wait to serve you!

Let’s work together and turn your biz from ‘DIY’’ to “Professional AF’

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call today! I’d love to talk with you and hear all about your business!

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