3-in-1 seasoned interior designer turned mentor 10+ yrs in the industry!

Delivering badass CEOs the eDesign branding + consulting of their dreams.

Why be ordinary when you can get paid to be authentically YOU?

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Amanda Foster - eDesign Coach

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I'm very active in the interior eDesign community so many of you already know me. But for those who do not, welcome + keep reading on + I'll explain!

You want to turn your side gig eDesign ’hobby’ into a thriving biz that brings you clients, projects + SALES!

Amanda Foster - eDesign Coach, Mentor, And Expert

But with so many things to tackle - Marketing, Branding, Website, Social Media - where do you start?


...You’re overwhelmed just thinking about it  #sendhelplease!

But that's where I come in to help you succeed!

your struggle

your struggle

Why work with 2, 3, maybe 5 different people when you can work with ONE mentor that can help you with ALL the above!

Foster Decor Consulting Render of a retro living room.

graphically blessed

We work hard, but have some laughs + fun along the way.

Meet the brains behind the operation. I’m not just your eDesign mentor but your go-to guru for all things eDesign.

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interior edesigners

interior edesigners

Amanda Foster, eDesign Coach

I'm very active in the interior eDesign community so many of you already know me. But for those who do not, welcome + keep reading on + I'll explain!


Your hip, cutting-edge interior design guru. I’ve done all things design-related + have the battle scars to prove it. I got TONS of experience to share with you.

Amanda Foster - eDesign Coach



Fellow cubicle survivor. I’ve interned and worked as a CAD drafting monkey for years at a few firms. I also did staging with two companies + interior boutique projects.



web design

eDesign biz owner

✓ I’VE ✓ DONE ✓ IT ✓ ALL!

I’m your 3-in-1 design peer ready to share my 10+ years of experience with you (so you can finally ditch the DIY struggle!)

Let me drop some facts on ya: 10+ years in the industry

I have a creative background in Fine Arts  and Graphic Design! I gained marketing experience working at a fast paced firm learning how to consult w/ various businesses.

BA Accredited degree CSUS

AA degree in Graphics

AA degree Fine Arts

15 years using Wix

Wix Partner

I’ve been designing posters, CD covers, biz cards, and logos since high-school. This experience helped me lang graphic design jobs + website design for 15 years using Wix.

5 years w/

Havenly + Decorist

After years interning, staging, drafting, renovation projects I ditched the 9-5 + traveled the world w/ my fiance.  I created my own biz Foster Decor Edgy Interiors.


I’m Amandork

eDesign mentor + coach

2 years teaching my edesign peers

After being active in the eDesign community for many years, I decided to start my consulting, mentoring biz! I created the eDesign bootcamp to help my peers level up! 

Who better to work with then a design EXPERT peer who can walk you through it all?!  I'm a design expert for designers! It doesn't get better than that.

eDesign Render of an entry way with bright photo frames and purple desk.

dope renders

interiors, graphics, 
web stylist.

I know the eDesign tricks of the trade + want to share them with you. You get 3 in 1.

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client TLC

from amazing

interior + eDesigners

interior + eDesigners

Still not convinced I’m the biz mentor for you? Check out these video testimonials from some of my awesome clients who flipped their biz with my help!


Amanda, farmhouse new england

“Amanda has been incredible to work with because of her experience as an interior designer she knows exactly how to work with and  guide interior designers to build their brand, story and make final determinations on their niche. Her broad understanding of not just marketing but social media marketing gives her a leg up on all of her competitors and helping designers stand out from the crowd, helping us find our voice and putting that down into real action."

Amanda, designed with bliss

The VIP Intensive truly helped me to hone in on my niche, define who I am as a designer and find my target audience. I knew I LOVED eDesign but I was unsure of how to define my brand. After working with Amanda, we narrowed down my skill set, brand, and audiences and discovered who my ideal client is and how to market to that niche. She taught me you cannot market to everyone. Having a defined niche is KEY to brand identity. This call was not only extremely detailed, Amanda truly took the time to know ME. 

Monica, modern
by monica

“Working with Amanda has been awesome. I've learned a lot from her website and IG audits about strong brand direction and the importance of having a target audience. The brand kit and templates that she's created for me really reflect my style. I've enjoyed our collaboration!"

Not only do I have decades of design experience, but I created + run a profitable eDesign biz myself! If you’re ready to learn from someone who’s done it all so that YOU don’t have to, then what are you waiting for?

Let’s. Do. This!

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Amanda Foster - eDesign Mentor, and industry leader.

design guru + mentor

There are SO many designers + branding experts out there. But there’s nothing better than working with an expert in our field: (ya know someone who understands, teaches, mentors - all things eDesign!). 

eDesign consultant Amanda Foster

Interior design - With 10+ yrs in the industry I can tell you what to do + what not to do to create a successful biz. 

Branding -  Your brand is more than just a pretty logo! It's the face of your biz + should exquisitely represent you. I'll create branding that tells your story through cohesive colors, fonts, logos, and graphics.

Social Media - Your social media is the new business card. I'll help you create a strategy for your IG that nurtures leads + turns followers into paying clients. 

eDesign Biz - I'm so confident I can help you I created an entire course dedicated to building an eDesign biz! Get the blueprint to running a successful biz.




serious about ur biz

YEP! You get it ALL when you work with me. Get the BLUEPRINT for running a profitable eDesign business. 



real talk

I’m the holy trinity design guru who can level up your eDesign biz. Ditch the vanilla + show that unique inner unicorn. I work w/ designers who aren't afraid to inject their unique personality into their biz. Let's create a kickass brand that truly resonates with your dreamiest eDesign clients.


my timeline

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It's been a wild ride. An amazing journey of awards, accomplishments, partnerships and more! Check out my timeline as it is still growing!

why I'm the best for the job:


  1. Accredited BA in Interior Architecture + CEO of Foster Decor. I know EXACTLY what you're going through + understand what you need as an edesigner. I will answer all your questions, give you tons of advice + valuable guidance.

  2. Also an AA + Minor in Graphic Design w/ 10+ years of experience in the field.

  3. I’ll be your design BFF & skilled professional when you can't do it yourself. I understand graphic design + interiors (I speak both languages) giving you the best of both worlds. 

  4. I may be BOLD, but you don’t have to be. I will create unique branding that represents YOU. This will inspire, inform and captivate consumers to trust you as a kick-ass interior designer in your true authentic branding.

  5. By working together 1:1, you'll gain clarity and a customized game plan to move your brand forward. This will give you a sense of relief and confidence!

  6. I stay up to date with the latest technology for social platforms in our industry + will pass along my knowledge so you can Level-Up and continue to grow!

  7. You can trust + count on me. My goal is to help you over the hurdles + make you feel confident with professional, consistent, + specialized branding.

eDesign consultant


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"This branding rocks! " See Wizardry or Witchcraft