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Eye-opening Business + Brand Clarity Session for Interior eDesigners

Invest in your custom roadmap showing you how to make your vibrant brand stand out + bring in more dreamy clients online.

VIP Intensive


time to rock ur online presence 

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Any of these sound familiar?

Instagram help

Are you struggling to gain traction on IG? Or do you get 0 DMs or engagement? 

website help

Does your website convert? Or does it collect more dust than clients? 

graphics help

Does your vanilla branding get lost while your competitors stand out? 


buildin' a biz
ain't always easy

Marketing Intensives for my interior eDesigner peers

The FIRST step when working together is my eye opening clarity sessions. There is a TON of foundational work that needs to be done before the branding. 


In the intensive we will:

These intensives are designed to give you a concrete formula for creating a business that succeeds on Instagram and a designing a website that converts. 

eDesign expert, Amanda Foster, stands with hand on hip.

dig deep

Uncover your inner designer, mission and passion.


Create an elevator pitch that attract clients


Tackle mindset obstacles and goals for after our call


Nail down your niche, both business  + client avatars.


Services for CEOS

ready to invest to get big results. Let's work together


The first step to winning online is to dig deep to the core of your brand.

These foundational mentoring services will set you up for long-term success.


step 1:

VIP Intensive


(Business + Brand Clarity Session for Interior eDesigners)

  1. Get to the heart of your biz and define what makes you an interior design rockstar.

  2. Get clear on what makes your brand special, your sick design style, what sets you apart, + who you wanna work with the MOST.

  3. Audit social media and website, get feedback, and make the changes will make you even cooler and help you serve your peeps better.

You'll walk away w/ a custom roadmap showing you how to make your brand stand out +bring in more dreamy clients.

Includes everything below:

Ipad 1.png

mini bootcamp

(excerpt from my popular course)

This course has helped the success of my past clients, so I'm including 2 excerpts from my popular bootcamp. Get ready for eye-opening awesomeness

You’ll Get:

  • Watch video about Brand Identity

  • In-Depth Worksheet about your killer Brand

  • Watch video about Ideal Dream Clients

  • In-Depth Worksheet about your target audience

  • Marketing advice to apply to your eDesign biz

  • In-depth PDF download of all slides from video

Imagine having a road map to your business, vibrant brand identity with clear messaging to attract more dream clients + projects to you.

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Instagram audit

( 1:1 90 min Zoom Mentor Call )

We’ll analyze your IG together via zoom together. I'll give specific feedback on how to level up your account to attract dream clients.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use IG as a business owner

  • How to show up as a professional

  • How to post w/ purpose, + market strategically

  • Learn benefits of reels, alt text + brand tagging

  • How use actually use hashtags + geolocation,

  • How to optimize your bio to clearly attract clients

Imagine waking up to leads, inquiries + sales straight from your IG without having to do ANY outreach? An optimized IG can do that for you!

Worksheets 1.png


(Deep Dive business foundation)

Let's brainstorm + figure out the real you, who you're hyped to serve, and how you're one-of-a-kind equipped to do it in a way that rocks.  

You’ll Define:

  • Nail down + define your inner designer

  • How to niche down + tell your unique story

  • Learn the benefits of marketing strategically

  • Narrow down your design style to attract clients

  • Nail down your ideal client + dream project

  • Create a biz plan you're excited to implement

Imagine waking up to new leads, inquiries + sales straight from your IG without having to do ANY outreach? An optimized IG can do that for you!

vip intensive 2.JPG

Website audit

( 1:1 90 min Zoom Mentor Call )

We’ll analyze your site together w/ specific feedback on presentation, navigation, lower bounce rate + how to  elevating you as a professional.

You’ll learn:

  • How to position yourself as an expert

  • How to structure your website for usability

  • Present your projects to build trust w/ clients

  • How to showcase your unique design style 

  • How SEO works to boost your discoverability

  • How to update your pages + enhance navigation

Imagine waking up to new leads, inquiries + sales straight from your website without doing any outreach? An optimized website can help!


Eye-opening sessions custom for your success! This is an amazing bundle + first step to creating a more profitable biz you love!


goofball @ heart


your transformation - our team work!

my process

Delegating tasks you're not a pro @ is a boss move. This CEO vibe will boost your biz growth. Let the experts step up + help you crush it, w/out all the stress + struggle.

Don't worry, you won't be solo on this ride. You have me, Amandork your all-in-one biz BFF in your back pocket to mentor, guide, + cheerlead you into success!

Amanda Foster stands with a peace sign.

We're NOT compatible

Copying/pasting old answers into survey.

Wanting a quick fix without having to do much.

Not implementing any of the hw or feedback.

Resistance to change + being stubborn.


We're a great fit!

Spend thorough time filling out the pre-questionnaire.

Serious about putting in the work to flip your business.

Spend time completing the homework after the call.

Implement my feedback to boost ur marketing power.

If you're here, that means what you're doing (+ not doing) isn't working. I have the design industry experience to flip your biz if you're ready to roll up your sleeves.

YOU are your biggest ROI for success to receive maximum results!

AmandaGraffiti -454_websize_edited_edite

client TLC

Imagine waking up to a biz you're actually passionate about.

Being able to work ONLY on dream projects Every. Single. Day.

from my amazing interior eDesigner peers

4 Profile Pic Alternative (2)_edited.png
Pinwheel Designs_edited.png
Jamie F - Web-13_edited.png

the cabinet nerd

Profile Pic Alternative 3_edited.png

“Before diving deep with Amanda I was trying so hard to be different and creative. It was actually repelling clients. She taught me that business is about being clear + easy. I'm excited for a fresh start + new energy in my business!"

keysi testimonial_edited.png

Keysi, designer + Systems strategist

“I enjoyed so much working with Amanda! Her audit services are must-haves for interior designers looking to take their business to the next level! She is very thorough and puts a lot in perspective. She is very fun, too!"

after web_edited.png

Monica, modern
by monica

“Working w/ Amanda has been awesome. I've learned a lot from her website + IG audits about strong brand direction + the importance of having a target audience. The brand kit + templates she created really reflect my style. I've enjoyed our collaboration!"

Say goodbye to toxic clients and projects that drain your energy. Instead, attract your dream tribe ready to pay you for projects you actually LOVE working on! It's time.

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