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"I think what was most helpful was honestly just getting a second set of eyes on everything and getting expert suggestions on ways to organize and present my content. Your advice about switching to the row layout on my Instagram was definitely well received and among some of my top posts in terms of engagement and impressions. Your help with niche-type hashtags has also really improved my reach!"

- @houseofredford Vanessa


Headshot of a woman with grey and black hair. past eDesign client of Foster Decor Consulting.

- @pacebydesigns Andrea 

"Specifically, you helped me focus in on the way colors, clip art, photos etc can create a personality and give a voice to my brand on web and social media. I try to make sure I keep all of those consistent. You also helped me with posting with purpose and showing me some of the design possibilities that Weebly has to offer. So I am really trying to squeeze out more on my website! Learning how to do stuff like that was a HUGE help for me. My social has increased for the better, with more people outside the designer dynamic following my IG page! It's a marathon, not a sprint, but I feel confident that I'm headed in the right direction toward reaching my ideal clients!"


eDesign client headshot, young woman with brown hair and wearing white shirt smiling at camera
"Well, the consultation has definitely helped open my eyes to so much I wasn't doing or even thinking about. I’m more mindful of my posting with purpose. Taking a step back and making sure I have everything marked off on the checklist we created, I'm now using the CTAs and structure we talked about for posts. I’ve switched up my bio and I am in the process of changing the photo to a professional headshot, but love the tips you suggested to use in the meantime. I'm trying to show more of my face, using my branding/logo, working towards having consistency and a more professional page. Some things I’ve incorporated, and other things are longer term but I’m now aware of them."

- @ebony.boho Ebony 


Headshot of a past FD Consulting Client. Young woman with black hair wearing white T-shirt smiling.

- @tavedesigns Dede


"You were the motivator I needed. You were direct without being pushy. You listened to what I was looking for and set me up in a way that made it easy for me to manipulate and continue on my own. You got me finally up to date on IG with my business account, but most importantly, you made the process fun! I'm learning as I go, but it's easier now! Thanks for always answering my DMs! I'm working through all the homework and changes you gave me!"
Close up headshot of a woman with black hair. Smiling.

"I've been getting a positive response to the new refresh to my branding! You were right, it was nice - but wasn't great. I am more confident about sharing my Instagram, which I was embarrassed before to do. I love the custom templates you made and I tried to post as best I could, but you were right again - and I didn't have the time or bandwidth to also market myself. It's been such a relief having a social media manager added to the team and she specifically gets me more leads and uses the new branding! I'm still working on so many things for more publications and confident I'm headed in the right direction."

- @ash.interiors Ashley


WOman with blonde hair looks at the groun. She is wearing a tan hat and is a past client of FD Consulting.
"It’s been one month since my IG Audit with Amanda, and I have to say I couldn’t be happier! Before the refresh, I struggled with what to post, + what colors to use, + worried about how my posts would look. NOW, I post with CONFIDENCE. I have an amazing branding kit that I absolutely love & posting easy. Having the customized IG templates allows me to stay consistent and cohesive. I feel much more professional and have received such amazing feedback about my new brand refresh. I would never have been able to do this without her and I am so thankful for her expertise + professionalism. I would recommend her to anyone & everyone!"

- @copywritingbykristin kristin


Headhshot of a woman with brown hair, smiling at camera.