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From just getting by, to absolutely THRIVING. The effects of having a killer brand!

Amanda Muster | Designed With Bliss: Amanda's business was always on the verge of greatness, but she couldn't quite get there. Her vague style and branding were holding her back from creating the streamlined eDesign biz she knew she could be.

But with a little help from Foster Decor Consulting, Amanda was able to make the leap to a streamlined, professional business that's ready to take on the world!

Check out her amazing website, + branding transformation inside!

Service: VIP Intensive Bundle, Branding Package, + Website Makeover

Keyword: Marketing design for interior designers + eDesigners


MEET Amanda (before)

When I first met Amanda, she had all the eDesign business basics - a website, Instagram, and logo, but everything was a bit outdated and armature.

I knew that a fresh professional look could help her gain more customers and make her brand more memorable, and align with who she was as a eDesigner.

It was time to get a rebrand so that her one-of-a-kind style could shine loud and proud and really connect with dream clients!


Amanda was having trouble attracting clients. Her current branding, website, and Instagram was in a state of flux and wasn’t generating paying projects or getting many leads.

Her website was a bit generic, her branding was bought from etsy (so many others had the same logo), and her Instagram wasn’t attracting any clients.

She needed to make some big changes but had no idea where to start and that's where I come in!


What Amanda NEEDED

Amanda needed help with her website, branding, and Instagram account - and I was ready to come to the rescue!

I recommended Amanda for all three of my specialized eDesign services:

  • Instagram Intensive: To upgrade her current strategy + feed so that it aligns with her goals.

  • Website Makeover: To transform her so-so website into a magnet for dream clients.

  • Branding + Graphics: Refreshed branding that aligns with her new strategy and makes it easier for potential clients to find Amanda on social media.

By having the 1:1 intensive and elevated her branding - she would bring a new level of sophistication + professionalism to her business and attract those higher-paying clients.


What I Did to TRANSFORM Her Brand

First things first: we tackled her business foundations by getting clear on her niche, ideal clients, and design style. During our 1:1 intensive I found out that Amanda wanted to help overwhelmed stay at home mamas create livable spaces that work with their busy ‘messy’ lifestyles. Because let's face it, family life and kids are MESSY.

We also defined her design style - classical, transitional design using antique pieces in modern spaces. She loves treasure hunting and DIY-ing so her content would appeal to help Mom's do simple design projects around their house.

Amanda was also in need of a website makeover. She had a site that just wasn't working for her—it was too busy, didn't reflect her brand and goals, and didn't have clear calls-to-action or a way to convert leads into clients.

I worked with Amanda to create a gorgeous new site that reflected her unique brand and personality, clearly communicated her services, and encouraged email subscriptions.

Not only is it beautiful and professional but high converting + strategic.

I also gave Amanda a branding refresh—she already had a logo and branding style, but they needed some updating! I worked with Amanda to get her colors right and make sure we were aligned on fonts and imagery.

I also created matching graphics that cohesively matched her new branding so she could post to Instagram with ease and make her feed sparkle to appeal to those stay at home mamas!



I was able to elevate her online presence from amateur to novice and completely transform her confidence in her brand.

With a complete rebrand, she now has a bomb-tastic logo that reflects her unique style and personality. Her colors, fonts, and imagery are all cohesive and she now has a mood board to refer back to when creating content.

She now has a professional website that matches her passion and caters to her tribe. She is already reaping the benefits on her Instagram from doing the branding package and has grown from just 5k followers to 100k in less than 4 months!

Can you say powerhouse!?

So to recap real quick. By taking that step and working with an eDesign mentor (aka - me) Amanda’s eDesign business has completely done a 180.

✨She now has a clearly defined target audience to cater to

✨She has beautiful + eye catching IG graphics to stop the scroll

✨A strategic and optimized website to filter prospect to

Authentic + professional branding that matches her biz

She is THRIVING and is continuing to grow her business every single day!

As a graphic designer, I'm heavily trained in Adobe software, but I know my clients and my design peers prefer canva. This made it super easy for her to get the files and be able to edit, tweak, and expand on them. She's now equipped with everything she needs to succeed!

After working together, her message is CLEAR, REFRESHED, + ATTRACTING her true dream clients that align with her.



“Amanda, took my branding to a new LEVEL! The Branding Package is exactly what you need. She is beyond incredible to work with. She is creative, responsive, detailed, organized and knowledgeable about branding and marketing. The process is FUN, seamless and you will end up with branding package that is engaging, and styled for YOU. After meeting (detailed conference about likes, style, colors,) she'll design a package filled with social media templates, logos (and I mean incredible logos,) a color palette and a branding board that will create a cohesive, updated look for your social accounts and marking tools. Your business will be leveled up! I could not be more excited to see my business grow, beautifully styled!"



Are you an interior designer / eDesigner struggling to land clients + projects?

Do you need to refresh your branding so that it works FOR you and attracts the clients you LOVE working with?

Do you feel stuck in your business + need an eDesign EXPERT to help TRANSFORM ‘hobby’ into a thriving eDesigning biz you love?

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call today! I’d love to talk with you and hear all about your business!

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