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From Amataeur Status to Novice! How Branding Can Transform the Look and Feel of Your Business!

Here's how Jamie | Jamie Cabinet Nerd's business did a complete 180, by working with me. Jamie’s content was all over the place. Random memes, and lots of different templates and designs, making it hard for ideal clients to find her.

Check out her amazing website, + branding transformation inside!


MEET Jamie (before)

I first met Jamie when she participated in one of my design challenges and let me tell you, we hit it off like two peas in a pod!

We had a similar sense of humor and I knew right then that we were meant to work together.

But when I suggested we collaborate, Jamie was hesitant. She didn't understand how "having prettier graphics could get her clients." I mean, come on girl, it's not just about pretty pictures! It's about strategic marketing and a clear message that speaks directly to your target audience.

And that's where Jamie was lacking - her online presence was all over the place! Her content was confusing, with random memes, a mish-mash of templates, and designs that didn't reflect her brand or personality. Her messaging was inconsistent, and she was basically just shooting out whatever she could, hoping something would stick.

But I knew I could help. I could see the potential in Jamie's business and knew that with a little guidance and mentoring, we could elevate not only her Instagram but also her website to new heights. It wasn't just about pretty graphics, it was about creating a strategic and professional marketing plan that would help Jamie attract the clients she wanted and deserved!


Jamie was having a tough time nabbing clients. Her website and content were a HOT MESS, causing peeps to bounce right off her page. Her graphics and messaging were all over the place, so it's no wonder she wasn't converting any leads.

On top of that, homegirl was struggling to figure out her vibe and target audience. She needed some serious help in defining her niche and creating content that really speaks to her ideal clients.

Thankfully, she found me, the BOSS of branding! I knew I could help her level up her game and refresh her branding, so it was more authentic to her unique personality. And let me tell you, we worked some serious magic!


What Monica NEEDED

Jamie was in a HOT MESS with her marketing and branding. She needed some serious backup to spruce up her Insta game, rock her website for maximum conversions, and a branding refresh to capture her unique vibe.

I recommended Jamie for all three of my specialized eDesign services:

  • VIP Intensive Bundle: To upgrade her current strategy + feed so that it aligns with her goals.

  • Branding + Graphics: Refreshed branding that aligns with her new strategy and makes it easier for potential clients to find her on social media.

  • Website Makeover: To transform her so-so website into a magnet for dream clients.

By crushing the 1:1 intensive and leveling up her branding game - she was ready to bring on a whole new level of boujee + badass to her biz and attract her ULTIMATE dream clients.


What I Did to TRANSFORM Her Brand

When Jamie hesitated to join my 1:1 intensive sessions, I knew I had to show her what it's really about. It's not just about some fancy graphics, ya know? It's about getting down and dirty with your biz! We went all-in, digging deep into her brand and identifying the REAL issues. Turns out, she was a hot mess, trying to speak to everyone and their dog, with no focus or niche in her design style.

Jamie had a banging skill set, but her online presence was falling flat. She didn't have a CLUE about her target audience, and her website and Instagram were just hot messes that had her ideal clients bouncing like a basketball.

But, no worries, I swooped in to audit her IG and website. We identified her problems and created a game plan that brought clarity to everything else. We unlocked her inner designer and her true ideal client. Turns out, she didn't dig working with homeowner clients, but partnering with interior designer peers gave her life!

And, I gotta say, I was STOCKED to level up her branding. She had a wicked cool style that was all about the dark and moody vibe with a hint of femininity. So, I sprinkled in her love of purple and gave it a modern and fresh twist that was totally lit.

Since Jamie was not a graphic design pro, I spiced up her social media and branding so that her ideal clients will be hooked, no more bounces for her!

With stronger headshots, sophisticated color palette, swoon worthy fonts + a clear message her Instagram + Website is now equipped to convert clients.



Jamie's brand and online presence got a major makeover - it went from basic to BOSS LEVEL and completely transformed the vibe of her business.

With a complete rebrand, she now has a killer logo, graphics, and brand board that screams her unique modern style and personality. Her colors, fonts, and imagery are all on-point and she now has a mood board to keep her content game strong!

She also has a pimped-out website that matches her brand and caters to her tribe. With a refreshed layout, format, and design - it’s optimized to keep visitors engaged and clicking through to become clients.

Holy upgrade, Batman! Can you say game-changer!?

So to recap. By taking that step and working with an eDesign mentor (aka - me) Jamie’s business has completely transformed for the better and clearly depicts her unique business.

✨She now has a clearly defined target audience to cater to

✨She has beautiful + eye catching IG graphics to stop the scroll

✨A strategic and optimized website to filter prospect to

✨Authentic + professional branding that matches her biz

As a graphic designer, I'm heavily trained in Adobe software, but I know my clients and my design peers prefer canva. This made it super easy for her to get the files and be able to edit, tweak, and expand on them. She's now equipped with everything she needs to succeed!

After working together, her message is CLEAR, REFRESHED, + ATTRACTING her true dream clients that align with her. Jamie is KILLING it and straight-up SLAYING her business game every damn day! She's not just surviving, she's THRIVING and taking her biz to the next level with every step. Go girl! Services Jamie invested in:

Eye-opening Business + Brand Clarity for Interior eDesigners. Invest in your custom roadmap, showing you how to make your vibrant brand stand out + bring in more dreamy clients online. Branding Package Elevated Branding + professional graphics that rock for Interior eDesigners

Stop the scroll with custom branding that's uniquely YOU that attracts dream clients.

Professional website design to turn visitors into clients for eDesigners + Interior designers. Invest in a high converting website that can run on auto-pilot + show off your vibrant new brand to land more dream clients.



“I'm confident and trust Amanda... Before diving deep with Amanda I was trying so hard to be different and creative. It was actually repelling clients. She taught me that business is about being clear + easy. I'm excited for a fresh start + new energy in my business. Things are starting to sink in. I'm confident and trust her! This was elevating and completely life-changing. What I thought I was doing versus what Amanda is actually doing."



Are you an interior designer / eDesigner struggling to land clients + projects?

Do you need to refresh your branding so that it works FOR you and attracts the clients you LOVE working with?

Do you feel stuck in your business + need an eDesign EXPERT to help TRANSFORM ‘hobby’ into a thriving eDesigning biz you love?

Co written by Kristin Overly |


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