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Ditch that vanilla DIY or cheap stuff, it's time to level up with some pro branding and marketing that'll help your eDesign biz kill it online!

the process


Learn how I’ll take your biz from blah to aha!

Branding, Marketing, Websites for eDesign & Interior Designers | Contact Foster Decor Consulting

let me break it down for ya

You're here because...


Develop a strong brand identity to attract dream clients w/ ease.

road map

Get a business roadmap to grow your biz so you go from surviving to thriving.


Getting clear on who you are will skyrocket your growth. 

Branding, Marketing, Websites for eDesign & Interior Designers | Contact Foster Decor Consulting

ready to flip ur biz?

how does it work?

the breakdown

Here’s how we’ll work 1:1 together to create jaw-dropping, personality-packed, money-making eDesign biz that brings ya hot leads + new clients.

preliminary process 


Fill out my contact form

Head to my contact page to fill out my form to apply to work together > LINK.


Book a discovery call

Schedule your 20 min discovery call so we can chat about your goals + see if we vibe!


Sign proposal + contract

Proposal sent with (flexible payments spaced out) + contract to sign t get started!

service breakdown

for CEOs ready to work + invest in their biz for better results

To get a better business + brand we'll need to do do a deep dive into what makes you special + unique so you can get clear messaging on who you are + who you're targeting. If you're ready to do the work + implement what we discover your biz will improve with your design BFF in your pocket to guide ya!

With my marketing experience + perspective we can inject these principles back into your biz w/ a strong foundation versus copying your competitors or blending in w/no voice.

It's time to get biz + brand clarity

Vip intensive

step 1

Branding, Marketing, Websites for eDesign & Interior Designers | Contact Foster Decor Consulting

I go all-out for my clients, always giving more than what they expect. This course has been a major reason for the success of my past clients, so I'm including two hot sections from this my popular bootcamp in this intensive.

This preview of my bootcamp includes 2 excerpts on Brand Identity + Dream Clients with 2 videos, 2 in-depth worksheets, 2 PDF download copies of the slides. All clients receive 50% off promo code to use on any course.

prep homework for stronger biz

edesign bootcamp


eDesign Bootcamp Course eDesign & Interior Designers | Contact Foster Decor Consulting

Receive in-depth (eye-opening) questionnaire to complete. It's crucial to spend the time filling out this form so I can better understand your unique brand, authentic vision, + mission so we can tackle your business goals through a strategic marketing perspective. 

This is the juicy secret to a strong business foundation. You'll have DM access to me + voice notes so you never get stumped as we can brainstorm together if you're struggling.

Your business blue print defined



Courses for eDesign & Interior Designers | Contact Foster Decor Consulting

Our 3hr zoom deep dive! We'll review your questionnaire + homework together to ensure your inner designer, niche + target audience is defined. It's important we nail these down to create your strong biz foundation. Finally confident w/ a biz you're excited about!

It's easy to just say you're "an interior designer" and leave it at that. But being a chameleon serving everyone means you're usually serving no one. Let's change that with my mentoring help you'll have a partner to define this together!

We did the prep it's time to meet

mentor session


Business Mentoring for eDesign & Interior Designers | Contact Foster Decor Consulting

Reviewing your online presence is key. I'll audit your Instagram + Website to see why you're not attracting the right clients. You'll also receive 80 page workbooks + video on how to improve these two fundamental pieces like a professional biz owner. Finally get an elevated website + IG.

I'll give you a TON of professional industry feedback + assign custom homework for you to implement changes after the call that'll elevate your biz + help you stand out against your competitors.

We did the prep it's time to meet

web + insta


Website Makeover for eDesign & Interior Designers | Contact Foster Decor Consulting





IG + Web Audit

Receive customized support by an experienced eDesign mentor w/ 12+ years in the field! You'll be guided through my proven process that'll give you clarity, confidence, and a compelling brand that helps you close more dreamy clients!

Branding, Marketing, Websites for eDesign & Interior Designers | Contact Foster Decor Consulting

IG + WEB audit


Part of your VIP Intensive BUNDLE!

admit it the struggle is real

Together, we’ll analyze your social media +/or website, this will clearly show me where you’re at in your biz. You’ll get strategic feedback from an industry expert to improve your online presence + with a strong foundation to thrive + grow from a marketing perspective.

Foster Decor Consulting before and after shot of Instagram account after IG VIP Intensive.

Insta is confusing AF.


❌ Account looks like every other edesigners'.

❌ Waste hours creating content that goes ignored.

❌ Don't know what you're doing on the gram.

❌ Feel guilty not to post.

❌ Stop wasting time!

❌Learn how edesigners use IG as a business tool. 

instagram help

Is your IG


Time to learn how to use IG like a pro for you business + get you srsly rockin' on the gram that your FINALLY booking more eDesign dream projects than ever!

Instagram Branding, Design, and Strategy for eDesign & Interior Designers | Contact Foster Decor Consulting

Pro w/ a plan. 


✔️ Defined Inner Designer w/ a target audience.

✔️ Setting yourself apart from competitors.

✔️ Attracting dream clients.

✔️ Posting w/ purpose + quality save-able content.

✔️ Feed is professional (w/ the help of my graphics).

✔️ You've doubled your reach + discoverability

New icons FD-24_edited.png
New icons FD-19_edited.png

From crickets to high engaging + converting Instagram machine!



website help

Your site

Being unique + resonating attracts more clicks w/ my help. Let's get you confidently sparklin' online w/ a high converting, gorgeous website targeted to your ideal client.


Website has cobwebs

❌Created a long time ago.

❌No longer represents you.

❌Discover what's not workin'

❌Get clear messaging.

❌Brainstorm inner designer.

❌Create a target audience.

New icons FD-18_edited.png
New icons FD-23_edited.png

Show-Stoppin Site

✔️You leveled-up.

✔️Positioned industry expert.

✔️Authentic + Niched down.

✔️Clear + easy interface.

✔️Strategic marketing advice

✔️Resonating Messaging.

Website VIP Intensive Service
Website VIP Intensive Service
Before web.JPG





From bouncing leads to driving more traffic + conversion than ever...


3 for the price of 1

Why would you hire 3-5 people outside of our shared industry to work on your business (too many cooks)?


It's time for a Mentor who can coach your biz into success, as well as design your graphics + website.

yup i'm your 1-stop shop

Branding, Marketing, Websites for eDesign & Interior Designers | Contact Foster Decor Consulting

your graphic +web guru

hey interior edesigners

AmandaGraffiti -754_edited.png

Finished your VIP Intensive? Don't stop there. I'm your 1 stop 

so what's next?

I recommend starting w/ branding before doing the website makeover. My awesome clients usually book BOTH for a cohesive look. Why hire 3 people when I am your One Stop Shop.

eDesign consultant Amanda Foster is standing and smiling.

step 2:

Branding Package

Branding for eDesign & Interior Designers | Contact Foster Decor Consulting

( all-in-one custom graphic BUNDE)

Is your current vibe vanilla? You feel it doesn't represent you? Are you attracting the WRONG clients? After your VIP intensive, this sick graphics bundle is just what you need for a cohesive branding set (across all social media platforms) that'll build a strong visual identity online to attract your ideal dream clients with custom social media templates!

Step 1: You’ll receive an in-depth branding questionnaire to fill out that will aid me when creating a strategy for your new custom graphics.

Step 2: We’ll do a 50-minute Zoom screen share call to go over your Pinterest homework and talk about your inspiration so I can have clarity on your vision before I do any design work. 

Step 3: After 2 - 3 weeks I give you  an update to get feedback with one round of revisions. 

Step 4: I'll present your final graphic bundle with a video explaining how you can go through all the designs sent via canva. This way you'll feel confident making any edits or changes yourself in the easy to use platform. I’ll also give you the original files - for free! Typically other designers charge you for this!

step 3:

Website Makeover

Websites for eDesign & Interior Designers | Contact Foster Decor Consulting

( new CUSTOM website you can actually edit)

It’s time you had a business website that's clear + professional! After your branding package, we have custom graphics to use for your new site. As your personal web designer, I'll create your new website that you aren't intimidated to edit or update! Plus it clearly reflects your vibrant NEW brand + is high converting for more ideal clients.

Step 1: You’ll receive an in-depth website questionnaire to fill out thoroughly that will aid in creating a strategic and high-converting website as we build out the content.

Step 2: We’ll do a 50-minute Zoom screen share call to go over your Pinterest homework, look over your web inspiration, and discuss the layout before I start the design phase. 

Step 3: It can take 4 - 6 weeks to design. You'll get a preview of the juicy homepage for feedback. 

Step 4: When the final design is complete, I'll send your custom video walking you through each page and how you can make any edits/changes down the road. No more web designer for you. You are now empowered to confidently make changes to your gorgeous site whenever you need!

Tired of your eDesign career feeling more like a hobby + not a badass business you wish it could be? Let's create a kickass brand + flip your biz today.

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