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Time to Master Presentation in Canva like a Pro for Interior Designers! 

The Canva 411 for Interior Designers course was specifically made to help my Interior Designer and eDesigner badass peers learn how to master Canva like a pro to level up their presentation skills. From design board creation to repurposing for social media, we got you covered!  

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Watch me!

I've got your back with the Canva 411 for Interior Designers Mini Course.

The workbook is packed with unicorn-level tips, tricks, and strategies to take your presentation game to the next level. From killer moodboards + mind-blowing final designs to shopping lists and concept design secrets, we've got you covered.

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Check out this video 

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Get killer presentation skills to wow your clients through the Canva 411 for Interior Designers mini course.

Time to rock all your presentations!

Rock your online presence, build a kickass community of ideal clients, and watch your bank account soar. Get ready to slay the design world like a true unicorn! 

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Those who are passionate + work hard see the results by following along with the self paced videos, in-depth commentary + workbook guide!


Mini course with actionable steps 
to using Canva like a PRO biz owner

Nail Your
Mood Board

Stand out from the vanilla competitors.

Create Canva Final Design

Save time by using canva to wow your clients

Concept Design Setup

Land dream clients w/ show stopping designs.

Shareable Shopping Lists

Create an appealing sample of your products

Craft Pro-Level Floor Plans

Present your floor plans like a pro in Canva

Bonus Tips + Tricks

Learn my secrets in canva to work faster!

Ready to use Canva like a Professional biz owner?

It's time to get to work + make ur biz shine! 

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But wait there's more.

Workbook Guide

(Follow along + take lots of notes)

This workbook is packed with even more tricks up its sleeve. From buildin' stronger presentation skills to supercharging your entire biz, we've got you covered, no doubt.



Tired of struggling
and going at it confused?

Let’s be real. You're struggling, you're diy-ing, your Moodboards but it's not getting traction and you need the 411 on why!

it's time to flip ur canva game

Does this sound familar?

  • X Burn-out, Frustrated, Confused, Struggling with another new program

  • Spending hours on new designs that don't look professional

  • No moodboard strategy (you probably are skipping this step)

  • Lack of branded visuals, using random or generic + stock templates 

  • Vague concept designs, not customized for your client

  • Needing a cheat sheet on the highlights for interior designers

  • Not showcasing products used

  • Wanting re-usable design boards you can whip out for all projects

  • X Not knowing how to create a show stopping final designs

  • Feeling like you wasted countless hours trying to figure it out solo

  • Often thinking “What was I thinking?!”, crushing your motivation and drive

  • Finding yourself completely overwhelmed, wondering if you should just throw in the towel after trying so many tutorials, with no actual results

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Believe me I UNDERSTAND that frustrated feeling after DIYing your canva. It’s time to stop guessing + start mastering the art of Canva design skills for interior designers! 


If you’re DONE with not seeing results then let’s not WASTE anymore time trying to figure it all out solo + get the help from an expert! 

the course can help

Imagine having a guide to teach you on mastering Canva like a PRO


Building a killer presentation

Imagine taking your presentations and mood boards to the next level be and being able showcase your design vision to leave a lasting impression on your clients


High-quality Concept Designs t

Become an authority in your specialty,  and wow your clients by standing out from the crowd with captivating designs that grabs attention and keeps your clients coming back for more.

8 Final Design 1.png

Mastering Final
Design Presentations

✔ Learn the juicy Tips + Tricks to using canva like a pro and how to optimize your presentation skills, moodboards and more so you can land your dream clients ASAP!

Don’t let the your fear of Canva or hustle hold you back any longer. Take charge of your Business destiny with the mini course + get the clarity you need!

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What are you waiting for? It’s time to transform your account into a powerful tool for your interior or eDesign biz.

that captures attention, drives engagement and attracts your ideal clients. Enroll now and let’s conquer Canva together!

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Finally a mini course packed with big results!

whats all include:

Canva Mood Board


Learn how to create a scroll stopping mood board that captures your client's vibe

Concept Design


Learn the actual difference between Concept Board and Mood board to showcase your vision

Canva Floor Plan


Present your floor plans like a pro in canva using elements and closeup detail frames

Canva Final Design


Learn how to create a final design utilizing canva elements, shadows, and stock image library

Canva Shopping List


Create a visually appealing sample of your shopping products to clients

Resize Social Posts


Learn how to repurpose your designs by using the resize tool to create FB & IG posts and stories.

Canva Tips + Tricks


Learn my secret BONUS tips to use Canva hacks to work faster and smarter. Keyboard shortcuts included!

Elevate Your Visual Style and Amp Up Your Biz!

No more wasting time on complicated Canva tutorials or stressing about creating moodboards. The Canva 411  Workbook helps you ditch the struggle and unleash your design badassery. Create jaw-dropping designs that wows your clients and turns your biz into a superstar.

Canva Shopping List

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Still need convincing?

Check out these
5 Star reviews

Believe them

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"I am so grateful I discovered Amanda" 

"I was at a place in my business, attracting the wrong type of clients, and unsure how to put everything in my mind about what my brand should be, into my branding and my website. Amanda helped me completely transform my branding, social media, soon to be website so that I am being authentic to myself and can best provide for my clients. We did so much soul searching throughout the process, it has actually had a transformation on me too. I feel so empowered!"

Katie W.
Slate Studios


"Trust me Amanda
is the real deal!" 

"Amanda is the real deal! Her courses are a deep dive into helping you figure out the type of business you want to have, and the types of clients you want to attract. Along the way I had a few set backs but Amanda was always there to cheer me on and support me.  When she says she will become your new BFF during the course she is telling you the truth, 100%!  I've had so many FB chats with her along the way and she has always made herself available whenever I had a question."

Lisa D.
DBL Take Designs

Profile Picture FAVORITE 1.jpg

"I am so grateful I discovered Amanda" 

"Working with Amanda was a blessing because it really took my business to a whole another level that just blew up. Working together was eye-opening as I realized I had a lot of work I needed to do, but she was there to help and bought new opportunities to me. She is amazing to work with and gets into to the details and everything about your business she helps you find your niche and how your really want your business to be I definitely recommend her she is so worth it. "

Nuha H.
Chic Interiors

Plus referrals + recommendations

shout-outs + TLC on social media 

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Ready to master
Canva like a pro?

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