Some awesome client love, feedback, + reviews.

Take it from the awesome hall of fame ladies who paid me money to help level up their biz. These ladies ROCK + apparently I do, too.

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Ore, inspired ore homedecor

“Amanda is truly amazing and on-time and on-point. She will get you to think differently through deep questions to help you understand the who, the what and the why of your business. She’s not just in for the money, she actually wants you to succeed and rebrands you based on the input she gets from you. She did such an amazing job for my Instagram + website I can’t wait to implement the changes from our intensive. Thank you so much for the push Amanda. It was so worth it!"

Annalise Branding  Refresh (1)_edited.png

annalise, social by annalise

“Amanda nailed my style and color palette of what I was looking for, but couldn’t put into words. She read my mind and the designs she came up with encompassed my new brand perfectly! She took the time during our deep dive to ask questions I wasn't expecting or would think matter. I was surprised at how much we were uncovering through the deep dive. I’m excited with the work she did. The whole process was so easy and fun!"


eve, designs unleashed

“Amanda helped my business. I feel so much clearer about my ideal client and brand avatar after our consultation. I never took the time to look at it the way you described and in such detail! I appreciate the 1:1 experience to go over everything during our audit. I love the tailored homework for afterwards. I'm confident in my new business which I had no idea where to start. I feel supported throughout this experience!"


Amanda, farmhouse new england

“Amanda has been incredible to work with because of her experience as an interior designer she knows exactly how to work with and  guide interior designers to build their brand, story and Make final determinations on their niche. Her broad understanding of not just marketing but social media marketing gives her a leg up on all of her competitors and helping designers stand out from the crowd, helping us find our voice and putting that down into real action. I’m so happy to be working with Amanda on not only my branding but my website. She’ll be integral in my success. I can’t recommend her enough. She knows her stuff! Don’t wait, connect with her, and get going, you won’t regret it. As a matter fact once you get started you can’t wait to get finished because it’s so exciting to see it come together!"

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Amanda, designed with bliss

“Amanda, took my branding to a new LEVEL! The Branding Package is exactly what you need. She is beyond incredible to work with. She is creative, responsive, detailed, organized and knowledgeable about branding and marketing. The process is FUN, seamless and you will end up with branding package that is engaging, and styled for YOU. After meeting (detailed conference about likes, style, colors,) she'll design a package filled with social media templates, logos (and I mean incredible logos,) a color palette and a branding board that will create a cohesive, updated look for your social accounts and marking tools. Your business will be leveled up! I could not be more excited to see my business grow, beautifully styled!


Leesa, leesa freeman interiors

“Amanda is so knowledgeable. She did a phenomenal job revamping my website! Thank you Amanda for your mentoring and guidance. I feel like after our audit I now have a better understanding why my website wasn't working as well as I hope, and I now have a plan to not only revamp it, but to drive more traffic to it. But after seeing the to do list I'm glad you can implement the changes for me. Everything turned out beautifully. I'm so excited!"

Profile Pic Alternative 3_edited.png

the cabinet nerd

“I'm confident and trust Amanda... Before diving deep with Amanda I was trying so hard to be different and creative. It was actually repelling clients. She taught me that business is about being clear + easy. I'm excited for a fresh start + new energy in my business. Things are starting to sink in. I'm confident and trust her! This was elevating and completely life-changing. What I thought I was doing versus what Amanda is actually doing."

keysi testimonial_edited.png

Keysi, designer + Systems strategist

"I enjoyed so much working with Amanda! Her audit services are must-haves for interior designers looking to take their business to the next level! She is very thorough and puts a lot in perspective. She is very fun, too!"

after web_edited.png

Monica, modern
by monica

“Working with Amanda has been awesome. I've learned a lot from her website and IG audits about strong brand direction and the importance of having a target audience. The brand kit and templates that she's created for me really reflect my style. I've enjoyed our collaboration!"


Lorraine, Ixcana
Home Goddess

"Amanda was exactly what my eDesign business needed! Our zoom call made me realize how much I needed you! You really opened my eyes to what my brand was missing!" Amandork from Foster Decor was exactly what my eDesign business needed! She took my brand and concepts to a whole new level! She is truly talented with amazing skills in Graphic design and branding for my social media! So easy to communicate with and super fun, making my experience with her a five star adventure. I am so excited about my  new website representing ME! Finally I look professional in an unique and authentic way. She nailed it!"

Profile Pic Alternative 1_edited.png

Theresa, theresagdesign

"Amanda truly went above and beyond. She made our VIP Intensive absolutely incredible! She goes into so much detail during the consult to really understand her clients and bring out the very best in them so they can actually stand out and succeed in their business. I’m so excited to work with her! I'm super stoked about my logo! Thank you for the branding package, Amanda! Just took a quick peek and it all looks so amazing! :) So excited!"

Profile Pic ALTERNATIVE 3_edited.png

Julie, Nest your home your design

"Amanda went above + beyond to help me. It was a difficult process for me because I wasn't sure what I wanted. But she never gave up on me + was determined to elevate my brand. She took it as far as she could. I appreciate her willingness to define the project when there wasn't a lot of help on my part. Even at times of frustration she was very professional, kind and communicative. The 1:1 opened my eyes to what I'm lacking by not marketing myself online. With a new chapter and a partner leaving, I'm excited to create something different. The branding package was so comprehensive covering all the missing puzzle pieces for my business (I prefer hand written so I'm getting there). I'm grateful it's done in Canva so I can easily edit things myself. I appreciate her flexibility with meeting in the evenings to align with my schedule. I'm glad we could connect!"


Ash, Ashinteriors

"I was so stressed and overworked when we spoke. The consultation was a wake up call to everything I needed to stop doing as I'm burning out all trying to expand my business. Amanda's advice to hire a virtual assistant for my social media was spot on! I have been slowly scaling my team so this made sense. I can't be marketing and on Instagram all day cuz I'm getting more clients and don't have the time. She was right to say I should be out in the field and not glued to my phone. I'm so grateful I could use her branding refresh services and social media templates. The fact that their custom made in my new branding plus ready to post is a godsend with my schedule! I feel more in control now with her tips to how I can keep growing and scaling up. She really listened to me and catered to my unique business needs and gave me more clarity on my business goals. I am now more excited for what's next!"


Vanessa, house of redford

"Working with Amanda has been amazing. Can't say enough good things about her mad skills! She's a terrific human being and really tailors everything according to your needs, hopes and dreams! She's so fun to work with and we have a lot of laughs on our zoom sessions! She took the time to really get to know me and help me define my brand. She refreshed my website so that it reflects my personality. She also helped get clarity on my Instagram and give me tips how to improve and get more ideal clients. And now looks more professional to fix my style. She has given me so many valuable tips when it comes to my business, IG and website! I'm so thankful for her expert advice and I can't wait for our follow-up appointments but she's become a dear friend!"

profile headshot_edited.png

Andrea, pace by designs

"I'm so glad I finally asked for help for once. I really enjoyed working one-on-one with Amanda and I'm so appreciative of her expert advice! Her IG and website audit really helped me correctly identify who my target audience is with a clear and concise brand message consistently across both my channels. She gave me invaluable tips for content, organization, graphics, IG bios, hashtags and so much more! Instead of posting randomly I know how the clear game plan that really helps me attract ideal clients. My brand looks clean sophisticated and professional catering to busy professional city dwellers. She pushed me to get my headshots which has made all the difference with my branding. She gave me custom homework to work on and I always enjoyed our follow-ups to keep me in check."


ebony, boho interiors

"As a social media newbie, I've valued the input from Amanda and helping me to strengthen my branding and insta game. I was so lost and overwhelmed on where to start having an extra set of eyes and guidance when it came to understanding what wasn't working with so helpful. As a procrastinator, I needed some accountability with deadlines to get me cracking! Amanda went above and beyond to teach and support me with spot on advice. I'm already reaping the benefits. She helped me create a custom logo, defined a consistent color palette, and reviewed my IG account to ensure it was optimized for my audience. I now have a clear bio, a posting strategy with consistent colors and a cleaner feed with awesome new highlight covers. The one-on-one homework and feedback has me thinking so much differently when I post or create a real. I now have a professional look and feel so much more confident on the gram. I treat it now as a business - not a hobby."

Pinwheel Designs_edited.png

mikayla, pinwheel decor

I've always been a firm believer in DIY. I keep learning and growing by showing up every day. I thought I had all my ducks in a row but after working with Amanda, I learned valuable tips and how to really level up my brand and online presence without having to burn out. I'm not a graphic designer and Amanda was such a great help in showing me how, if I tweak certain things, I would come off more authentic and also look way more professional. My branding now feels more representative of the true me! I now have custom IG templates to help me post quickly and professionally with the feed that looks way more fresh and cohesive. By refreshing my logo it depicts my brand and business catering to a specific audience! I am so grateful for Amanda's expert design advice and thankful for her help to elevate my business!

fb 10_edited.png

dede, tave design studio

I did NOT have the time or energy for a website or even social media. I was so busy with client renovations and family time plus covid enforcing working from home with kids! I needed help. I'm grateful Amanda and I connected! Not only did she help me with my social media, but she created the perfect mini website for me fast with custom branding I can actually edit. She did a full review of my IG + helped me create a game plan and customized templates (I hate seeing the same stock templates reused) And she refreshed my logo. I learned a lot about batch content creation + auto posting which has freed up so much of my time!  Working smarter not harder has been a blessing with my schedule. I was worried about creating a website, thinking it would be way too expensive and time consuming. But she came to my rescue with a simple one-pager in my price range consistent with my style! I now have a site that is a total game changer for my business that's easy add or edit down the road. Highly recommend her!