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Level-Up your website like a design pro! 

The Website Mini Course was specifically made to help my Interior Designer and eDesigner badass peers level up their online presence.  

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Watch me!

I've got your back with the Website 411 Mini Course.

This is the ultimate guide to help transform your website from ‘Meh’ to ‘Magnificent’. You don't want to miss the amazing mini offer for BIG results.

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Check out this video 


Say peace out to outdated, boring websites that make you cringe.

Get ready to shine, my friend!

It's time to create a website that screams "I'm the real deal!" With the Website 411 Workbook, you'll bring out the best in your brand and attract clients like a unicorn attractin' rainbows.

Those who are passionate + work hard see the results by following along with the self paced videos, in-depth commentary + workbook guide!

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Mini course with actionable steps 
to a highly converting website

Strategic Layout Like a Pro

Master the art of makin' each page look sleek and stylish.

Make Your Site Work for You

Learn how to optimize your site 24/7 and rock the biz game.

Custom Website Blueprint

Follow my awesome blueprint for website success.

Workbook Guide + Activities

Hands on material and activities to brainstorm + implement.

FREE Favorite Resources

Guide to helpful resources, no need to search the inter webs.

In-depth Website Checklist

Make sure you've got all the must-haves for a jaw-dropping website.

Ready to build a profitable website?

It's time to get to work + get SUCCESS! 


But wait there's more.

Workbook Guide

(Follow along + take lots of notes)

This workbook is packed with even more tricks up its sleeve. From buildin' a stronger brand identity to supercharging your entire website, we've got you covered, no doubt.

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Tired of struggling 411
and going at it confused?

Let’s be real. You're struggling, you're diy-ing, your site is not getting traction and you need the 411 on why!

it's time to flip ur website

Does this sound familar?

  • X Burn-out, Frustrated, Confused, Struggling with Imposter Syndrome

  • Spending hours pouring over YouTube tutorials day in + day out

  • Downloading every freebie you can find but left confused

  • Not utilizing SEO or SEM correctly or at all

  • Not showcasing your portfolio strategically, having a signature style or theme

  • X Confused how to layout a high converting homepage

  • Vague messaging, talking to everyone but not resonating with anyone

  • Reading blog posts and Googling all things, leaving you even more confused

  • DIY-ing your website, without a proven business framework or solid foundation

  • X Feeling like you wasted countless hours trying to figure it out solo

  • Not collecting emails through sign-ups + not having a Lead Magnet

  • Not having call to actions to lead client to take action

  • Finding yourself completely overwhelmed, wondering if you should just throw in the towel after trying so many strategies, with no actual results 

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I know how DISCOURAGING it can feel to not see the results you want in your site. It’s time to get the skills and strategies you need to create the site of your dreams! 


Don’t let your website dreams remain just dreams. Join the mini course today and level up your biz ASAP! 

the course can help

Imagine having a guide to get flip your website from DIY to CEO

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Boost visibility with SEO and SEM with ease

Imagine having a proven shortcut to say goodbye to guesswork and make data driven decisions. You’ll attract more organic traffic, reach a wider audience and position your website as an authority in your niche by utilizing SEO + SEM properly.

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Showcase You're an Authority Figure

Become an authority in your specialty, to quickly create trust + connection with prospective clients. Your website should showcase you as an industry leader, but also show your personality so they can resonate with you as well as appreciate your expertise.


Strategic Homepage Blueprint for You

✔ Get the high-converting blueprint on a strategic homepage. Your site needs clear sections, menu structure and organization of content so it's effortless for your ideal clients to find the info they need which means CHA CHING for you!


Remember, your website has a few seconds to make a KILLER impression on your audience so you want to nail it 24/7 EVERYTIME!

Unlock my secret formula to creating a website that leaves a lasting impression and sets you apart from the competition!  Enroll today to UPGRADE your website + learn from an expert to transform your biz! 

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Finally a mini course packed with big results!

whats all include:

Home Page Guide


Land your ideal clients by WOWing them with a killer first impression!

Website Blueprint


Dig deep to see what is needed to create a high-converting site!

SEO 101


Don't be scared! SEO is your friend in drawing in new leads!

Free Resources + Brainstorm


Take note of these resources that will help transform your biz!

Website Breakdown


Review all the pieces needed to finalize your new fabulous website!

Website Checklist


Utilize this checklist to make sure you're not missing any key pieces!

Elevate Your Visual Style and Amp Up Your Biz!

No more wasting time on complicated design tools or stressing about that Insta algorithm. The Instagram Mastery Workbook helps you ditch the struggle and unleash your design badassery. Create jaw-dropping content that wows your audience and turns your biz into a superstar.


Still need convincing?

Check out these
5 Star reviews

Believe them

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"I am so grateful I discovered Amanda" 

"I was at a place in my business, attracting the wrong type of clients, and unsure how to put everything in my mind about what my brand should be, into my branding and my website. Amanda helped me completely transform my branding, social media, soon to be website so that I am being authentic to myself and can best provide for my clients. We did so much soul searching throughout the process, it has actually had a transformation on me too. I feel so empowered!"

Katie W.
Slate Studios


"Trust me Amanda
is the real deal!" 

"Amanda is the real deal! Her courses are a deep dive into helping you figure out the type of business you want to have, and the types of clients you want to attract. Along the way I had a few set backs but Amanda was always there to cheer me on and support me.  When she says she will become your new BFF during the course she is telling you the truth, 100%!  I've had so many FB chats with her along the way and she has always made herself available whenever I had a question."

Lisa D.
DBL Take Designs

Profile Picture FAVORITE 1.jpg

"I am so grateful I discovered Amanda" 

"Working with Amanda was a blessing because it really took my business to a whole another level that just blew up. Working together was eye-opening as I realized I had a lot of work I needed to do, but she was there to help and bought new opportunities to me. She is amazing to work with and gets into to the details and everything about your business she helps you find your niche and how your really want your business to be I definitely recommend her she is so worth it. "

Nuha H.
Chic Interiors

Plus referrals + recommendations

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a rockin' website?

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