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Want To Know The Juicy Secret To Stopping The Scroll On Everything You Post?

YUP, Spill already!

It’s time to elevate your message to your ideal clients so that it GRABS their attention every single time. Grow a STRONG social media presence you’re CONFIDENT about - not embarrassed of.

I’m ready to share the juicy details with you and tell you exactly what that secret is - if you’re ready to elevate your eDesign or interior design brand then keep reading! 👇 👇 👇

You ONLY have about 3 seconds to make that CRUCIAL FIRST IMPRESSION that persuades a viewer that your new post is worthy of their attention.

It doesn’t matter how long you worked on the post, crafted the caption, or researched the hashtags -

If you can’t hook them in those vital few seconds, you won’t beat the scroll test.

You see, all those factors are important + help people understand what you’re all about...


So what’s the juicy secret to enchanting your audience?

👇 👇 👇

The secret lies with your VISUALS.

And I'm not making this stuff up. It’s human nature to JUDGE what we see.

Visually pleasing graphics is one of the most important factors when someone is deciding whether to follow you or not. If they don't instantly find your feed visually appealing - they will bounce - and if you can't get them as a follower, you definitely won't as a client.

That's why first impressions are so important & why your posts need to be:


Take a look at the designers below.

Instagram feeds from well known brands

What do you notice about their brand? They all...

✅ Use beautifully crafted designs

✅ Appeal to the eyes visually

✅ Rely on attractive graphics

✅ Draw you in by being pleasing to look at

These brands KNOW the secret to creating compelling posts starts with having an enticing appearance that makes their audience STOP SCROLLING & tap on their post.

You're even guilty of this - Let's be honest. How many times have you bounced off a page because you didn't like the way it looked. If you're big on having apple products, they definitely have done their marketing for impressive visuals that compliment their products.

We can be judge-y pretty quickly. ESPECIALLY online where we are bombarded with TONS of people competing for our attention. The ones who prevail have memorable graphics that: entertain, educate or empower WITH pretty graphics. Sales psychology, yo!

So how can YOU beat the clock + instantly appeal to your audience?

👇 👇 👇

By focusing LESS on your content and MORE on your designs!

Now that you know WHAT to do, the question is HOW to do it? I know you’re probably feeling:

☹️ OVERWHELMED + don’t know where to start when it comes to design

☹️ TIRED of trying to figure it out on your own with no clear direction

☹️ CONFUSED on how to create a cohesive IG with clear branding

☹️ BURNT OUT pouring all your energy into your IG + with no results

DUDE! You do NOT need to stress! Make SURE your posts get noticed + find clarity, + cohesion, + create a killer IG feed - WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed.


By working with your BFF eDesign BFF

(aka, me! Amandork)

Edesign consultant, Foster Decor, Amanda Foster
It's me! Amandork | Edesign Business Consultant

I understand the struggles you’re going through. Spending so much time trying to create viral posts that get your eDesign business seen, heard, + liked. You’ve tried it all, content, copywriting, hashtags, the whole spiel. BUT still, nothing happens.

You probably are wasting more time creating so much content that no one looks at. We def don't want that!

And that's why I am here. I'll help you find clarity in your brand so that you start POSTING visually engaging content that is consistent with your branding, pleasing to look at, and that DRAWS your ideal client to you + your page. Not to mention cuts the design time in half!

But how will I help you?

Simple, with my Instagram VIP Intensive. The Audit is a custom 1:1 consultation to examine what’s going on / what's going wrong with your brand (or lack thereof) to help you gain clarity on how to attract more of your ideal client so that they STOP THE SCROLL & encourages them to become your most engaged followers!

No need to sit around twiddling your thumbs, and shaking your head wondering WHAT to do (or being a penny pincher like your own clients). Now's the time to invest in some help! Get instant feedback with me, your design bestie, that will give you CLARITY, DIRECTION, & take that guesswork out of NEXT STEPS.

What exactly is the Instagram VIP Intensive + how can this audit help you?

So glad you asked, *clears throat.

It’s a 2 hour intensive consultation with (yours truly) where analyze and go over e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g on your biz IG page including ways to improve the following:

  • Branding, feed, posts, highlights, content, profile picture, optimizing your bio, properly brand tagging, adding alt text, your stories, overall strategy, posting with purpose formula, properly adding hashtags (100% of my clients do this part wrong) and much more.

  • You'll get the eye opening 411 on how to use Instagram as an eDesigner.

I do a deep dive into your biz, FIRST to find out:

  1. WHAT your goals are for you + your biz

  2. WHO your target audience is that you WANT to work with

  3. WHAT kind of dream projects you want to score

  4. WHERE you fall in your niche to stand you out from the crowd

After examining all these areas, I'll help you find clarity in your brand so that you start POSTING visually engaging content that is consistent with your branding, pleasing to look at, and that DRAWS your ideal client to you + your page!

Remember, people like looking at pretty things (even you). You need to have an IG biz page that sparkles from head to toe.

So what is included in the Instagram VIP Intensive consultation?

We’ll analyze your IG together. I'll give specific feedback on how to level up your account so that you attract dream clients.

We’ll cover:

  • Finding your niche superpower + unique story.

  • My 411 on how to use IG as a eDesigner.

  • Learn my post w/ purpose formula to market like an expert + building trust w/ your audience.

  • Get focused on 2-3 design style preferences to attract the good clients + repel the bad clients.

  • Understand hashtags, geolocation + brand tagging helps discoverability - aka more clients.

  • Optimize your bio to create a clearer first impression w/ the right messaging.

You need this:

IG is the new digital “business card.” You need a profile that is clear & resonating. This intensive will set you up for success w/ a deep dive to create a strategy. I'll mentor you on how to use IG effectively without wasting time.

Take a look at some of the kick-ass eDesigners I've already helped from taking the chaotic feed to clean, polished, professional + most important MEMORABLE (clients need to remember who you are and see you or your offer 6-7 times before booking).

Instagram Refresh By Foster Decor, Design Consultant
Instagram Feed Makeover | Branding Refresh For An Elevated Brand Presence.

Instagram refresh from edesign consultant Foster Decor
From scattered & random to consistent & harmonious.

Your page is the new DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD. You need to dress to impress + that includes having a feed that is enticing, authentic, + curated just for your BRAND.

But that’s not all there is...

If you’re truly ready to bring your IG to the next level and start gaining followers, + having clients DM you, and need help taking those notes from our in depth audit to life then you need to level up with my graphic design services.

Check out my Branding Custom Package

Branding Kit design by Foster Decor Consulting

What can professional Branding do for you? It’s more than just a logo or a thrown-together mood board. It is all about digging deep to create a unique picture of what you represent as a designer different from your competitors.

Professional branding can help you:

  • Wow your clients with professional graphics.

  • Go from amateur status to been in the biz for a while.

  • Gain client trust + look like an expert.

  • Feel excited about your branding (instead of embarrassed).

  • Walk away confidently with a leveled up business.

"The branding package sets your business up for success."

Some graphic designers charge $300+ for ONE logo. With this package bundle you'll receive everything you need to get your brand identity professionalized to attract more dream clients (versus repelling them). You got loads to do and (maybe) graphic design isn't your forte - let me create an unique + authentic brand for you.

You’ll receive:

  • Using new inner designer + niche super power from consult.

  • 8 Custom Logo Variations: Primary, submark, watermark, initials, signature

  • 3 Curated Fonts: Primary, secondary, + signature font

  • Curated Color Palette: 5-8 colors that work together

  • Supplemental Decorative Elements: To use on website or print media

  • Business Card Mock-Up: For a visual representation

  • 3 Professional Profile Pic Suggestions: To see what works best

  • 10 IG Highlight Covers: About, process, services, portfolio, DIY, Clients

  • 12 Social Media Templates: To get you started with your new branding

  • 12 Matching Story Graphics: To reuse for future posting

  • Brand Board: Cheat sheet guide of exact Hex colors + fonts used

  • Website Preview mockup: Guide to killer homepage w/ new branding

  • Instagram Makeover Before + After: mockup of your account.

You need this:

IG is the new digital “business card.” You need a profile that is clear + attractive. A client can stumble on your account. If the feed is chaotic w/ random graphics they'll bounce. Elevate your online presence w/ professionally made suite for everything to look cohesive + bad-ass. Attract clients w/ my help + dope graphics.

Branding refresh by foster decor
Brand Refresh : Color palette, fonts, logo!

Or if you don't even have branding yet and you're just starting out…

This is the perfect starter pack bundle. We’ll also review your in-depth questionnaire together via zoom to look at your Pinterest inspiration homework. Visuals speak louder than words so we’ll reference + discuss before any designing starts.

No more stressin’ trying to DIY on Canva with the same overused templates. This branding kit is designed to be authentic to your unique BADASS designer business and you'll receive your very own custom made by a real graphic designer.

Too busy to constantly be creating custom IG layouts daily?

Then I have just what you need. I offer custom made IG templates (ready to post + done for you in your new unique branding) included in the Branding Custom Package.

If your Insta is all over the place with random photos, gifs, templates + videos, with different fonts + colors, then dude - your brand deserves better. Shake the chaos and get streamlined with POST READY IG templates that reflect your unique brand.

No one else will have these as they are one-of-a-kind + custom made.

By staying consistent with your presentation + sticking to brand guidelines, your feed will look professional + build trust among potential clients.

Brand Starter Kit by Foster Decor
With the Brand Custom Package you'll get IG templates that are consistent + seamless!

SO if you’re ready to STOP THE DREADED SCROLL + ready to TRANSFORM your Instagram with a branded refresh that builds trust and makes you SUPER memorable to clients - schedule your consultation today using the link below!

It’s time your eDesign page starts getting the love it deserves. Attract more clients and get mo' dough.

Step 2 Getting the Brand Custom Package (all the graphics you'll ever need streamlined, polished and ideal client attracting in custom branding).

Stop the scrollers in their tracks + leave your clients gawking over your dope profile.



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