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How To Turn Your Home Decor “Hobby” into a Professional eDesign Business!

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For all you blank slaters out there taking pics of your spaces, styling your home, + sharing them all over IG and Pinterest - do you catch yourself daydreaming about leaving your 9-5, + wish you could turn your interior design passion into MORE than just a hobby?

Then you’re in the right place my design friend! Because I am here to tell you it is possible. You can make it happen, and I can help.

How do I know? Because I helped Ebony - design hobbyist turned business owner. She has always had a passion for home decor + design but was confused on how to transition from doing it “just for fun” to doing for REAL. I showed her how to take her passion and transform her hobby into a full-fledged business! And, she did it all WHILE working her full-time job! (if she can do it, you can too!)

So, if you're looking for guidance on how to start your own interior design business / eDesign business OR if you want to know how to turn that hobby into a money-making side gig, then check out Ebony's Story below!

First Things First: Is this even possible? Am I dreaming too big?!

When venturing out into the business world, the first thing you should know is that having the right direction + guidance is KEY! Without a structured game plan/roadmap, you will likely become overwhelmed QUICKLY - throwing in the towel before you even get started.

And this is where I come in. I help newbie designers find clarity and direction when first starting, taking them through the beginning stages of the biz process, + taking the confusion out of the next steps. Don’t go it alone. You’ll get much further with a design BFF who’s been in your shoes.

So what did I do for Ebony?

The first thing was go over her IG (since she didn't have a website). Though her feed was full of color, upcycling + repurposed thrift items (showing her unique eye for design) - she did not have the business basics needed to present a professional look. I’m talking, no logo, no clear color palette, no highlight colors, or no consistent fonts (these are staples that you as a new business owner should prioritize asap).

By creating a unique brand story + identity for Ebony’s biz, it immediately transformed her IG from “hobby” Pinterester TO professional interior designer!

Check out the Before + After proof below:

Edesign social media consulting results
Ebony's Social Media Consult Transformed her scattered feed - Into harmonious + consistent!

These changes now make her look like a professional + trustworthy designer with a consistent brand theme to give her credibility in her field compared to her competitors that lack it.

The Second Step To Design Biz Success: Expert Guidance For Expert Results

The next thing you should know is that learning from an experienced professional is the BEST way to bring your “hobby” to professional biz status quickly. Not only will working with an expert save you time, but it will save you money (by showing you how to find clients in your specific niche!) You can’t expect much results from downloading freebie after freebie...

As a new biz owner, I get it. You may not have many (or any) clients, so investing in your biz seems scary, + risky. But if you’re serious about creating an ACTUAL biz, then you need to get past the investing scaries and see the true value in setting your business up for success.

Invest in yourself. Or you will be struggling for a long time until burn out hits and you call it quits (and we def don't want that).

Even though Ebony was in the beginning stages of dreaming about a business and transitioning from interior design hobbyist to interior design professional (remember she was still working full time), she was ready + eager to learn from a professional. Her openness to invest + implement all the tips and tricks I taught her made her biz development increase substantially from our very first session!

To gain trust with her audience, I showed her how to post with purpose formula for resonating captions, her new branded templates, consistent color schemes, all that speak directly to her target audience.

Edesign branding templates from Foster Decor
Branded templates to create a strong edesign brand presence on all social media streams

I mean, look how good her branding is now - so consistent, so unique, + so her!

All of these elements are important when creating a professional, trustworthy brand, + are tailored uniquely to YOU! The custom individualized advice that is specific to YOUR brand (and not everyone else's' - one size should NOT fit all) will give you a leg up on other design competitions + set you up for success (WHOOP WHOOP).

Last But Not Definitely Not Least: The Interior Design Long Game

What’s the last thing you should know about when creating your design biz? Success doesn't happen overnight.

Success comes from staying consistent, working hard, + a mindset to keep learning + growing

(read that again!)

You’re not just designing for family and friends + not getting paid - You’re starting a BUSINESS which means you need to think long term.

How do you find consistent clients? What should you include in your posts? How can you continue to level up your business so that you can one day LEAVE your 9-5?

After Ebony’s initial session, she ALSO had these questions. To help her with continued success, she signed up for follow-up consults where I provided her with progress assessments, gave her custom feedback, and helped her dig deeper into her niche (to help her find those dream clients consistently you gotta do the foundation work).

By continuing to dive deep in her business, asking for help, + implementing all the advice I gave her in our follow-ups, Ebony began receiving inquiries straight in her DM’s. By following the steps I laid out for her and following her custom homework plans, she had people coming to her (which is what we all want, right?!)

By thinking long-term, you will stop thinking of your biz as just a hobby and start treating it like a business.

You will start seeing an ROI + want to keep learning so that you can upscale and you know, make it your CAREER. Ebony is straight up killin' the biz game, see what she is saying about our experience working together! Check it out here.

Ready, Set, Grow. Time To Take Your Design Passion To The Next Level.

It's time to make your dreams a reality. No more stuck at your 40-hour job, unhappy, drained, and uninspired. It is 100% possible for you to create a thriving interior design business that you LOVE and represents your unique design style!

If you are serious about turning your “hobby” into something worthwhile, then don’t wait another day saying “I’ll figure it out tomorrow.” Be the badass CEO you are meant to be and start taking action towards the life you want NOW.

The best part about leveling up your “hobby” is that you DO NOT have to go at it alone, confused + unsure of where to start. As you have learned from this article, it is BEST if you work directly with a professional. Someone who has been there, done that, understands, + who will guide you through the business development process from start to finish!

And that's what I can offer you! Custom 1:1 guidance to help you find a pathway from hobbyist to professional business owner. It doesn't matter what your experience level is. If you want to create the life you’ve always dreamed of doing something you absolutely LOVE, I am here to guide you.



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