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If you are an experienced interior designer running your biz, but struggling to find clients - then don’t go anywhere because this post is for you.

You may already have a website, a social media page, + logo, but after months of posting, creating content, + updating your site - you're left with…. *crickets*

So what seems to be the problem?

You’re not the only designer asking this question. Even if you have “all the business things” done, it doesn’t mean you will land projects or get DMs from clients.

Take it from Andrea, an interior designer who THOUGHT she had everything figured out + had all the boxes checked. After struggling to get up and running, she wasn’t getting any traction or attracting clients (sound familiar?)

Like many veteran design businesses, Andrea had a nice-looking website and an “okay” IG page. But her biz lacked in a few CRUCIAL areas that were hindering her growth, making it hard to take her business to the next level.

So how did I help Andrea? What was her business missing AND how did I fix it?

Keep reading to learn how I helped transform her biz from “nice” to “WOW” so she could start landing those dream clients.

The Importance of Niching Down: From Vague + Confusing to Direct + Clear

Instagram design | Instagram marketing mentor

Andrea had it all, but her biz plan/strategy had a critical error that was SUPER impacting her growth.

She did not have a clear target audience or what I like to call Dream Client Avatar.

She was talking to everyone. Singles / couples / families + servicing individuals on ALL budgets + with ANY style. This is a big NO-NO! When you speak broadly to the general public, you are talking to NO ONE (which is why Andrea wasn’t landing clients.)

The solution? With a deep dive brainstorm session, I helped her find clarity and pin-point EXACTLY who her DCA was - sophisticated urban city dwellers with classic neutral taste, chic modern styling, + a wealthy budget. Now she can finally start creating content that resonates + attracts the right people instead of posting randomly and hoping something sticks (we deleted a lot).

But HOLD UP. Because I know you’re probably thinking, “but, Amanda, by focusing on one group + niching down - won’t I lose clients?Nope!

Niching down will help you attract MORE clients! I know it sounds backwards, but trust me - I got you.

By knowing who you help, you will create authority in that niche + start drawing people towards your biz. You can’t help everyone, and that's okay! Would you rather work with clients doing projects you LOVE or take every random client that comes your way doing jobs you dislike? No brainer - I think you know which :D

When Cohesion + Clarity Meet:

break out in your “Happy Dance”

Another MAJOR area that Andrea needed help with was how to create a more professional looking biz through consistent branding.

Don’t get me wrong, Andrea’s website and social media were in good shape. But they didn’t have cohesion + clarity. Her IG bio was vague, her main photo was a selfie + though she had some nice designs, the overall feed/site layout was random + unstructured (Hm, does this sound like your feed?)

Instagram Design for Interior Designer | Branding and Marketing Mentor for Interior Designers & eDesigners

See the difference? Before + After Magic, baby.

To combat the craziness, I changed her main picture from a selfie to a professional photo which immediately made her profile look way more established & trustworthy. Updating her feed and taking out the random quotes + images made space for more relevant content that her audience could relate to. And don’t forget that bio! We made it clear by making it easy for people who land on her page to know if they are in the right place.

Web Design for Interior Designers | Website Design for Interior Designers and eDesigners

I also make sure to bring this consistency to her website. By reformatting her layout, moving elements around for better flow, swapping out her pictures, and creating stronger headers - she now has a site that speaks directly to her audience and is cohesive with her branding on IG!

Why is this all SO important? Because creating this uniform look is a game changer to brand awareness.

By spending time nailing down your brand details, you’ll streamline your planning + start creating resonating content that is memorable for your client. By having a clear strategy - your audience will start noticing you MORE + trust your messaging.

The End Result:

Small Changes Make a Big Impact

Andrea’s biz transformation shows how small changes can make a BIG impact. Even though she has been in the field for a while, is organized, + had all her ducks in a row - she was lacking in core areas that were diminishing her biz growth.

By not having a clear DCA + posting randomly + not being consistent with branding - her biz might as well have been a needle in a haystack. But after putting in the work to dig deep into your biz, niching down, + updating/refreshing her online presence, she now portrays a professional business that draws clients to her (Seriously, her refresh is dope).

So what does this mean for you and your company?

Are you also speaking TOO broadly to your audience? Are you posting "just" to post with no rhyme or rhythm? Then you’ll probably be waiting around for clients for a VERY long time.

But what if you knew the exact steps needed to take your biz to the next level?

What if you had that extra set of eyes reviewing your socials, content, and site?

Imagine how much time + energy you would save by having that guidance & getting that custom advice! No more headaches, no more waiting for clients, and no more wasted time creating content that doesn’t resonate.

And that’s what working with me will do for you. Give you a roadmap to success. With advice from an expert in the field - you will learn what areas you’re lacking in and how to fix them. Thanks to Andrea’s realization for help, she is now SLAYING the interior design game + making gains in her biz + leveling up.

Are you ready to level up, too?

Looking to bring your interior design business to the next level? I can help (it's true I know my sh*t and have helped TONS of edesigners in the same boat as you).

I offer 1:1 2 hr VIP Intensives where I do a deep dive into your biz + social + website. With custom home work and guidance from me you’ll be ready to transform your brand into a client attracting machine in no time. Check out all the ways you can bring your biz to the next level today.



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