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eDesign 101: 4 Excuses to Ditch to Succeed in Your Design Biz - Let’s Talk Money Mindset

I see you. Hustling to the bone, doing ALL the things, and trying to create a thriving eDesign business all by yourself. Putting in the extra hours (when do you clock out?), watching ALL those YouTube tutorials (feels never-ending), and downloading every single eDesign course that comes out (will I ever catch up)?

  • Why struggle to find clients?

  • Why stay confused about how to set up your business?

  • Why stay burnt out + overwhelmed?

I know why.

Because maybe staying scared is easier than taking that leap to being successful.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Running a company doesn’t have to be such a GRIND. We forget we are in control (versus feeling lack of control). Don’t worry, from here on out you DON'T have to go it alone. And you should 100% believe in your success, not avoid failure.

  • Imagine waking up excited to start the day. ✔️

  • Having full confidence in your biz (because you have control with a plan).✔️

  • You’re not embarrassed of your social media or website anymore - because you have a theme that truly represents your branding. ✔️

  • You’re wowing your audience - not scrolling you by. ✔️

  • You’re landing those ideal clients we’ve all dreamt about. ✔️

Question is, How do I make this a reality?

I know your heart is in the right place. Your passion for design is clear. But your lack of fire to believe in yourself is even clearer (we need to change that ASAP).

Why are you everyone’s biggest cheerleader, but you get the negative talk + disappointment at the end of the day?

You constantly feel guilty to do everything yourself. You’re spread too thin and if your money mindset is backwards, then you’ll unfortunately just keep drowning.

Why is it people get uncomfortable when it comes to spending money on their business? But spending on ourselves is ok as I see people drop $79 on shoes, $100+ takeout, $500 on a peloton bike like nothing...

I get it, we all can splurge from time to time without even hesitating.

But why are we so afraid to even spend $25 on an ad to get more clients? Or a mentor who could give us lots of insights, or a monthly paid program with a plethora of resources? Do we not feel worthy of being successful?

The truth is, we ALL deal with limiting beliefs. But once we realize how much we are actually hurting our business can we stop the cycle.

You can get that ROI value in investing in your business and truly succeed like the boss you were born to be. Take a look at these common misconceptions below and how you can shift your mindset to break free of these restrictions. It’s time to level up from an expert and start CRUSHING it in your business - like yesterday.

Top 4 Money Mindset Excuses (only holding you back from success):

1. “I don’t have any clients, so I can’t pay you”

This is a limiting money belief that I hear all the time and I totally get it. It might seem SCARY to spend MONEY on your business when you’re not bringing in an income. But what you should start doing is believing in your ability to see a return on your investments. Letting that fear hold you back is not doing you any favors. I finally got the courage to take the leap and get my own coach and charge it on my credit card (EEK). I knew all the things I was doing wasn’t getting me the traction I wanted, but instead digging my grave and burning me out.

I felt so much clarity + relief w/ my mentor after our first session. I felt so dumb for being so stubborn + not meeting with her sooner.

Don’t let imposter syndrome deter you from your goals and hold you back.

Instead of worrying so much about how you’re going to land clients, visualize how amazing it will be when you’re so popular that you have to turn clients away. When you focus on manifesting your future success, you will start creating the life and business you hope to emulate. Things just start falling into place once you set these positive goals with a healthier mindset.

MINDSET SHIFT: Bet on yourself and see the value in your investing (especially if it helps propel your biz forward in ways you're currently struggling with). Change your money mindset from “I don’t have money to pay youTOI don’t have any clients, show me how to attract them (I will make this back and start doubling my profits)!

2. “I’m clueless when it comes to running my biz. I'm just starting out so I’m going to wing it for now.”

YIKES this is a direct quote, too 😂! I’ve spoken to many edesigners who believe success lies right behind the next freebie download or discounted course they buy... (facepalm).

The problem with putting so much stalk into these free resources or lame courses is that they are not designed or customized for your unique business (not to mention eDesign being such a niche).

Trying to piece random tidbits of information together just sounds stressful + confusing. Trust me I’ve tried it. There’s NEVER that perfect fit as they are one size fits all (generally a much longer waste of time).

You can totally DIY, I’m not saying you can’t. Just know that...

DIY takes 10x longer to hit your goals & 10x longer to land those clients.

Not to mention, the constant anxiety in the back of your mind flashing “am I even doing this right?” or being the perfectionist and never finishing it. You probably aren't a marketing expert, a web designer or even a graphic designer - and you shouldn't have to be! So why DIY all these things you don't know how to do?

Envision your life 5 years from now. Wouldn’t you rather have a business plan in place that WORKS around your time and your schedule? Delegating out work to your VA. Trying to “wing it” now WON'T get you where you want to be long term and take more time and energy that will lead to burnout.

MINDSET SHIFT: TIME = MONEY. The more time you put towards doing it yourself, the less time you spend working with clients and generating that income. Change your money mindset from “I’ll just figure it out and hope something works” TOMy biz is worth investing in, show me how it's done!” (let's get a game plan going so I can cut my time in half already!)

3. “I feel like I need a degree to get into this field”

Girl… (*shakes head) You DON'T need a degree, or years of schooling + experience to be a successful eDesigner.

I have over 10+ years in the design field, with experience in graphic design, web design, and interior architecture - but did I need all that schooling to have a successful biz? NOPE!

I regret my long road of education. I prefer remote work + staying sharp with my artistic design experience. I DON’T like drafting or getting too technical so my architecture degree collects dust.

eDesign has been more creative and presentation based - no need for a degree with the way I use it. But do YOU need to spend the time + money + energy going down that route? ABSOLUTELY NOT. That is why having a consultant is valuable for ANY designer.

Learning from an expert in the field that has been through it all can provide you with a lot of insight. Having that tailored road map for what makes sense for you and your business goals - priceless.

Streamline your learning and focus on the main parts you excel in will make the difference versus getting every certificate or degree that may just collect dust...

Do you want to keep your 9-5, go to night school and try to set up a successful biz on the side? Or would you rather skip the middleman and get all your questions answered in half the time with half the effort + expenses?

MINDSET SHIFT: You are more than capable of creating the eDesign biz of your dreams without years in the field. Change your money mindset from “I don’t have enough experience” TOMy biz success is determined by my ability to invest in quality resources, learn from my peers, and implement effective strategies from a mentor.”

4. “I’m skeptical. How is having a “nice” IG going to bring more sales?”

Did you know the average amount of time spent looking at a website is under 6 seconds? Now, imagine trying to grab an ideal client’s attention on IG who with a “flick of the thumb” can move onto the next post faster than you can say “eDesign.” You have mere seconds (if milliseconds) to visually appeal to a prospect before they decide to look at the next post on their feed.

Your brand's appearance is crucial to grabbing client attention + stimulating their mind. People don’t spend time looking at something that is bland, boring or dull (swipe). How amazing would it be to wake up every morning having new leads?

Imagine having prospects DM YOU for help instead of desperately trying to find clients who will listen to your pitch?

Don’t be that dilapidated house for sale in a sketchy neighborhood. Be that sparkling move-in ready mansion everyone wants to buy!

Having a striking brand & showing up consistently is what will bring those clients straight to your inbox! Presentation is HUGE and you know it. You do it without thinking and are appealed to those fancier accounts with cute graphics or professionally lit photos. It’s way more than just having a “nice” IG.

It’s about creating an impactful brand awareness that shows off your business value. It builds trust baby(.)

MINDSET SHIFT: Your limiting belief about brand awareness is weighing you down. Change your perspective from, “I don’t need to worry about my appearance, my content is fine for now” TO having a clearly defined brand, with attractive graphics + valuable content will build trust among my audience + increase conversions!”

SO, are you ready to conquer your limiting beliefs & shift your thoughts on money?

Don't feel defeated when it comes to your new business (I’ve totally been there and understand). What you need is a little TLC. A kickass mentor to guide you and a design BFF to lean on during this crazy ride that you don't have to go alone.

Your business’s success depends on your MINDSET. Your willingness to invest in yourself and learn from a qualified expert will only bring your business to the next level faster + easier.

You are worth it + so is your business!

Instead of hustling yourself into the ground INVEST in quality resources that provide relevant feedback + valuable content that is customized to your business.

Putting money INTO your business WILL drive your biz forward + set it up for success. Dude, there's absolutely NO need to go at it alone anymore. The support, guidance and mentoring you need is available to you when you’re ready to take that next step (you may never be ready so just take the leap already LoL - I got you!)

So, are you ready to level up your eDesign biz?


If you’re ready to change your biz, & get expert advice from someone in the field, LET’S TALK, I would love to help you find clarity in your biz & start landing dream clients. Check out all the ways I can help you LEVEL-UP through 1:1 custom intensive consulting sessions here.

Who am I? Your eDesign guru, bestie, & mentor - you can call me Amandork :) I love helping my fellow eDesign peers find clarity in their businesses through deep dive intensives that provide customized and tailored feedback that is unique to their brand.

So, will you be my next mentoree?

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