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How The eDesign Bootcamp™ Will Elevate Your eDesign Biz

Online Interior Design Course & Mentoring for Newbie eDesigners & Seasoned Interior Designers. Self-paced Courses + Mentoring Session bundle.

Purple bak ground with computer, templates, and workbooks depicting the eDesign Bootcamp by Foster Decor Consulting.


Okay, I know you are thinking “oh here we go, ANOTHER eDesign course promising to help me grow…”

But SERIOUSLY - I'm not kidding when I tell you that The eDesign Bootcamp™ is hands down the best online interior design course bundle out on the market today.

I know this because I've taken my share of other online eDesign courses in the past (not that there's a lot) and I’ve always been disappointed by the basic info shared that I could have just Googled for free.

After spending years traveling in Europe while working for eDesign companies…

I came home to find that I could branch out on my own and create my OWN biz from all I learned over the past 5 years with companies like Havenly & Decorist.

When I googled eDesign courses there was surprisingly STILL no real in-depth course out there for aspiring eDesigners.

What little I could find felt like money grabbers for basic/general material I already knew or could have googled myself...

With my plethora of knowledge based on real life experiences working for eDesign companies, interior design firms, and running my own small business, I decided to create the eDesign Bootcamp™ because I felt I could give SO much more to the community.

This is not a basic “downloadable course” that will sit in your inbox (yeah, we are all guilty of those, am I right?)

This is an in-depth BUNDLE of courses that will take you step-by-step breaking down the eDesign business process to get everything set up.

No matter if you are brand new to eDesign or a seasoned interior designer - this course is for you (as it's already helped both).

Why? Because I make it CUSTOM to each designer! You all have unique goals and that’s a part of the experience - tailoring it to YOU.

Not only is The eDesign Bootcamp™ jam packed with:

  • Valuable Content

  • TONS of Modules

  • 80+ page Workbook

  • Worksheets + Activities

BUT it includes 1:1 mentoring with your bad-ass expert eDesigner & business owner (aka, me).

I designed this bootcamp for the people who REALLY want to get their biz going, but don't know where to start (or maybe haven't gotten that push they need). They WANT to do the work, but need the guidance. This course is designed to keep you accountable, on track, and to give you the support you need every step of the way.

I don’t want you to feel alone with tons of unanswered questions - you’ll have complete DM access to me, your new eDesign Bestie & Mentor.

But instead of TELLING you how it will help you, I figured I’d SHOW you through actual feedback and comments I have received from mentorees in the Bootcamp.

So enough about my biased opinions (LOL) Let’s see what the bootcamp mentorees have to say.


Question 1: Are the eDesign Bootcamp™ Modules what you expected?

Answer: “The modules we’re just right regarding the depth and material covered! It didn't feel as surface as I expected, and I learned a TON!”

Answer: “I feel SO much clearer about my ideal client and brand avatar. I never took the time to look at it that way you described and in such detail! I loved the self-paced modules and worksheets to stay organized. I’m way more confident in my business!”

Answer: “I’m working on module 4 now, and this module ALONE I would pay for the whole course!

the eDesign bootcamp workbooks and templates.

I created these modules to be self-paced so that you can complete on your own time and work on implementing the teachings into your own business as you go.

  • I know that you're busy and that you have a LOT going on.

  • You may have other work, or a full-time job.

  • Family, friends or kids, whatever the obligation.

The great thing about this bundle of courses is that there are two timeline suggestions so you can go through the content at a FAST pace, OR you can space it out to fit your schedule on the SLOWER pace.

Either way, you have direct control over your learning with an 8 week timeline. Having a time limit for the bootcamp gets you into high gear! Not having a timeframe means (like all other courses) it'll collect dust and you will keep procrastinating. "I'll get to it later...and later..." Aka never.

Working with a mentor to help guide you in the right direction for your business also means you will go through the content faster with me in your back pocket!

So, what can you expect within the first modules?

  • eDesign 101

  • eDesign History

  • eDesign Companies

  • Your Brand Identity (inner designer)

  • Your Dream Client Avatar

  • PLUS a BONUS Competitor Research Analysis module!


Question #2: What about those mentoring calls, are they actually helpful?

Answer: “Amanda’s enthusiasm, genuineness and teaching far exceeded my expectations!”

Answer: “My first mentoring call was eye-opening. The time and depth of the call with Amanda was unreal. She is so attentive to your individual needs. It feels so personalized.”

Answer: “In the initial discovery call I immediately gained confidence in Amanda’s expertise and advice. I realized the bootcamp would be beneficial so I signed up!”

Answer: I’ve paid for other courses, but honestly the 1:1 component of the eDesign Bootcamp™ TAKES THE CAKE! The check-ins are amazing + Amanda has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to eDesign!

the eDesign Bootcamp Workbooks and Templates.

My 1:1 sessions are NO JOKE. They include zoom intensive where we dive deep into your unique business + specialized brand identity + see where you need to improve with your specific goals.

And did I mention that you literally have direct access to DM me 24/7? That's right. I am ALWAYS just a message, a way to answer any of your questions. I know you will have questions, that’s why I allow DM access AND include the zoom session into the bundle.

You will receive the accountability and support you've been looking for and need to START and FINISH with clarity. With this Bootcamp you are NEVER alone!


Question #3: Let’s talk about price, is the eDesign Bootcamp™ worth the investment?

Answer: "I was worried about investing, having taken courses in the past that turned out to be pretty generic and bland. But WOW! Just after our first 1:1 consultation, I received SO much valuable insight and guidance, I would have paid DOUBLE what the price is for the entire eDesign Bootcamp™!"

Answer: “With all the value in this course, with the included mentoring sessions, I would have expected to pay $1,500 + for the Bootcamp!”

Answer: “I would be willing to pay $1,000 for this Bootcamp. The time and attention given, and personalized coaching has been priceless.

I know you are wondering “Amandork, why is the cost of the eDesign Bootcamp™ priced so low?”

Amanda, owner of Foster Decor Consulting & eDesign mentor, wears graphic T & green pants, smiling up towards the sky.

I priced it this way because I truly want to help as many eDesigners as possible find success in their businesses.

I took the other courses out there and was super disappointed. I felt like I wasted money and I knew I could do a better job to help my fellow peers.

I am not looking to break your bank or overcharge you - just help + guide you! Typical eDesign coaching sessions can range upwards of $500-$1200 for ONLY 50 min depending on experience or specialization - YIKES! It's expensive and not very practical.

With the Bootcamp, not only do you get:

  • Step-by-Step guidance through the in-depth self-paced online modules

  • Video Commentary read and video-ed by me (it's like I'm with you)

  • Awesome worksheets, activities + workbooks

  • BUT you’ll also receive a zoom intensive mentoring session

  • AND 24/7 DM access to me via Facebook Messenger!

I’ll be in your back pocket to answer your burning questions and do any brainstorming when you get stuck/struggling - I won’t forget about you or leave you hanging.

This course is economically priced because I KNOW how hard it can be to invest money into yourself AND your business (especially early on).

It can be scary AF - especially when you don't have many clients or money from projects coming in. But you can't afford to keep staying the course like this.

When you put it all into perspective, it all comes down to your mindset. What you feel is worthy of your investment.

Real talk, if you splurge on shopping, shoes, take out or (whatever that THING you've been dying to buy is) then you should be able to invest in your business, too.

👇🏻And for more guidance on how to change your mindset, check out👇🏻

*But that is why the eDesign Bootcamp™ is PERFECT for you. Because it will SHOW you how to set up your business for success, reach your ideal clients, + start landing clients so you can make back double or triple back your investment in this bundle of courses!


Question 4: Is the eDesign Bootcamp™ what it’s all cracked up to be? Would you recommend it to fellow designers?

Answer: “I would highly recommend the eDesign Bootcamp™ for those getting into this industry for professional coaching and consulting on starting your business!”

Answer: “I'm so glad I took the boot camp! I received a ton of value and thoroughly enjoyed working with Amanda in the 1 on 1 sessions. She is very open and honest and knows what she's doing- and just as importantly, how to teach it! I look forward to taking the Instagram course from her soon!”

Answer: “Amanda is a guru at what she does. No matter what questions you ask she’s able to provide a plethora of information and more. If you get off track, she’s able to steer you back on course. She truly cares about her mentees and wants us to have successful businesses. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to start an eDesign business.

The eDesign Bootcamp course with templates, workbooks, and sheets.

I LOVE helping eDesigners break through the learning curve and start feeling confident to take their business to the next level!

✓The eDesign Bootcamp™ walks you through each step with a combination of videos, worksheets, mentoring session, direct messages, and group activities from the private Facebook group you find clarity in your brand, and confidence in your business.

If you are READY to invest in YOU and to start creating the eDesign business of your dreams - then it’s time you sign up for the eDesign Bootcamp™!

You know it's time. You've been dragging your feet so long and procrastinating on getting help. This is the hands-on experience + course you need to get your business up and running!

*Disclaimer: This is not a guarantee - It 100% depends on your own level of dedication and determination to implement all the skills taught within the course. Like other downloads, if you let it sit and collect dust nothing will happen. That's why I made this bootcamp to be an interactive experience with checkpoints, private peer FB groups, and 1:1 meetings to keep you accountable and moving forward with your goals in mind! The mentoring helps tremendously - I rock + will help you crush your goals!



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