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ORC 2024 Spring | Week 5

WELCOME BACK, design divas and daring decorators, to the electrifying world of Foster Decor's ORC adventure! We've hit the halfway mark, and let me tell you, it's been a wild ride to get here. If you've been keeping up with the previous weeks, you know the CHAOS and CREATIVITY that have led us to this pivotal moment.

Embracing the Unexpected: Twists and Turns🌈

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As we navigate through the TWISTS and TURNS of this challenge, one thing remains constant - expect the unexpected. Like a true interior design warrior, I've embraced the changes and hurdles that come with every ORC project like a ninja. 🐱‍👤

It's all part of the journey to CREATING something truly insta-worthy. Alright, there have been some twists and turns, true story. I won't deny the changes, but my peers who have participated warn me to expect the unexpected, like most interior design projects - let's be REAL.🌟

Blank Canvas, Bold Choices

With the room STRIPPED down to its bare bones, we now have a fresh canvas to unleash our wildest design dreams. A trip to Home Depot turned into a color EXTRAVAGANZA as I veered away from the light and airy peach fuzz vibes I had planned.🤘

Dark, rich hues called out to me, begging to add DRAMA and depth to the space. So... uhh, remember how I was supposed to stick with the light and airy peach fuzz vibes? Yeaaaah, that did not happen. 😝

Stephanie's Dark Side Influence

Stephanie and I share a love for darker colors, this is true - we know this. The allure of those emerald greens and captivating blues were IRRESTIBLE. I mean adding pops of color that speak to my soul - its a MUST.✨

Sometimes you just have to SURRENDER to what feels right, even if it means doing a complete 180... eh heh heh. HEY Stephanie wanted me to come to the dark side. Literally. Like a siren calling. I gave in. 🧜‍♀️

Playing with Paint: Finding Perfection🎉

After bringing home a plethora of paint samples (way way WAY more than I am sharing here), I DOVE into experimenting with color combinations until I found that chef's kiss perfection. 👏

More blue, more green - the kitchen demanded boldness and contrast, and who am I to deny its wishes? So I brought home a TON of samples and played with color combinations until it felt -jusssst right.💋

Countertop Transformations and Cabinet Revelations

Stephanie's countertop paint recommendation was a game-changer though that is STILL light and airy thank GAWD. Now we can banish that outdated 80s speckled laminate look for good. It's time to embrace solid colors for a sleek finish, I bid farewell to wood laminate in favor of a more modern aesthetic since that laminate look that is waaaay not cute.😛

The Final Touches: Prepping for Paint Magic

ARMED with Esmeralda green for the bottom cabinets and a daring choice of Wild Pansy for an unexpected twist on all cabinets, I geared up for the next phase of transformation.💡

Painter's tape in hand, newspaper at the ready - it was time to DIVE into the messy yet magical world of painting countertops and walls. Welp, back home I go to take a break and start prepping the countertops and walls with painter's tape and newspaper. It's gonna get MESSY up in here...🧨

Unleashing Creativity: From Chaos to Colorful Harmony

I can’t wait for my brush to FINALLY hit those bare walls and add in a symphony of hues. It’s too naked up in here. It’ll be so exciting to see the room begin its wild transformation from chaos to colorful harmony.💣

Each stroke of paint will bring us closer to realizing our MAXIMALIST vision - a space that exudes personality, flair, and a touch of daring creativity. Woop Woop. 🎁

Stay Tuned for More Drama and Design Delights

Get ready for more color explosions, design revelations, and maybe a few paint mishaps as we dive DEEPER into the vibrant world of Foster Decor's ORC journey. Join us on this exhilarating ride filled with bold choices, unexpected twists, and endless possibilities as we strive to create a space that is as unique as it is UNFORGETTABLE! 💥

Make sure to check out my Instagram to follow along with ALL the behind the scenes fun!



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