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Barbie Malibu Condo Project

Unleash Your Inner Barbie: A Fun Barbie-Inspired eDesign Project

Who else is OBSESSED with Barbie right now??🙋‍♀️

I’ve been lovin all the vintage barbie looks being brought back to life for the movie promo tour🤩

My inner child is SOO excited for this to finally come out!🎥

In college I did a super 👎BLAND and VANILLA👎 condo project and I wanted to do some

thing to spice it up🌶️

I always say we need to DITCH the vanilla, so I started scratching my head trying to think of an empowering woman who has a really cool vibe + asthetic then 💥BAM💥 it hit me.

✨BARBIE!✨ (duh LOL)🤣

So I created a save as project which I LOVE recommending my clients do🤘

It's when you have finished a project with a client but it didn't align with your TRUE vibe or you just didn't like how it turned out, you can repurpose it!♻️

This is SO much easier than starting from scratch with a blank canvas (bc that can be intimidating)😱

I created a fictitious client that felt more fun, vibrant + creative which is my exact dream client profile so it gave me the freedom to do ANYTHING + EVERYTHING with this space🌈

Portfolio projects play a vital role in establishing your credibility, showcasing your skills and creativity, and building trust with your DREAM clients.💜

By carefully curating a diverse range of projects that highlight your strengths and expertise, you can make a strong impression and differentiate yourself in the competitive world of eDesign!👽

This week I’ll be dedicating it to BARBIE, sharing more of this project and just some fun old renders I’m dustin' off so stay tuned 🗓️

💓“You can be anything”- Barbie 💓

Growing up Barbies slogan was sooo 💪POWERFUL💪 for girls everywhere and still is today.

She gave me so much inspiration for this condo project + I knew I had to make her PROUD🦩

At the time of this project in 2015 I was really OBSESSED 😍 with Jonathan Adler + I was buying all of his book

s and saw he did a Barbie collab living room.

It was soo 💕FABULOUS💕, it

had everything Barbie from pink poodles to bright orange walls w/ the perfect 70’ chic nod thrown in there. 🛋️

So I incorporated his happy chic principles + 70’s infused decor with barbies bright patterns and LOTS of texture with gold accents (bc barbie NEEDs her bling)💎

This was a BEYOND fun to create more FLAVORFUL rooms + at the time practice more of my rendering skills💻

Your portfolio allows you to target specific audiences and showcase your authentic style in eDesign✨

This allows your ideal clients to see that you have experience in their style which will only make them more attracted to working with you! 🙌

It’s so important to take time from dat daily grind of client work to just pause + do something FUN just because👯‍♀️

This really helps keep your CREATIVE juices alive, because most of us didn’t get into design to just pump out boring, traditional farmhouse style homes🚫

I was able to live my barbie FANTASY and let my imagination just go with it, so I created tons of hangout spaces since Barbie is sooo popular + entertains like a BOSS 🥂

Plus being a fashion icon everyone knows she would obviously need a VIP room DEDICATED to her very own runway shows! 👗

Raise your hand if you had a Barbie malibu dream house 🙋‍♀️

Step into my Barbie-inspired dream house and indulge in a world of PINK, GLAMOUR + endless possibilities 🎀

I got to fulfill my DREAM🙌 of having Barbie as my client so I could make her the most 💣STUNNING💣 + gorgeous house of her dreams

She needed a VIP area for her to get ready for all her big events, as well as HUGE bedroom that was bursting with color + patterns to match the FASHIONISTA that she is💁‍♀️

Barbie is also a woman that wears MANY hats so I made sure to make tons of areas for her to rest and relax for when shes not clocked in as an Astronaut 👩‍🚀 or flight attendant 👩‍✈️

This project was overall just so much fun for me and was the perfect way to expand my portfolio to showcase more of MY edgy + bold style so that I could better attract my dream clients🦖

I 100% recommend that you take a look at your old projects and dust off the cobwebs and try to revamp it to match your personal aesthetic without any limitations with my “Save As” technique👽

Doing this will also STRENGTHEN your rendering skills + can help you out of a rut if you’re feeling stuck designing the same thing over + over again. 😩

In honor of the movie premier this weekend I CHALLENGE ya to make a quick + fun Barbie inspired mood board + tag me!📲

If you are interested in how you can show up more AUTHENTIC in ur biz then I am here to HELP!

It doesn't matter what your experience level is. If you want to create the life you’ve always dreamed of doing something you absolutely LOVE, I am here to guide you.

If you’re ready to make your dreams a reality, then check out my custom 1:1 consultations here!


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