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Attract more ideal clients for your eDesign business through strategic marketing

Are you feelin' lost in the online world of interior design or eDesign? Are you struggling to find your ideal clients? Does building an online brand feel like a total headache? 😩

How to strategically market your eDesign business to attract more ideal clients

Don't worry my peeps, I got you covered! 💯

A rocking’ marketing strategy is gonna be your superpower 🦸‍♀️. 'Cause without it, you're like a unicorn 🦄 lost in the desert. That ain't gonna work.

First, let's talk about why you are on the struggle bus with marketing and getting great clients.

One issue that many interior designers and eDesigners face is balancing the creativity of their design work with the technical aspects of building an online brand. It's like trying to mix oil and water, it just doesn't work! 🥴

And if you can't make it work, you're not gonna attract the ideal clients you're lookin' for.

Another problem is creating a cohesive and consistent online brand across different platforms. It's like trying to wear mismatched clothes for a job interview. Not a good look, my friend. 😖

And let's not forget about staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies in online branding and marketing. It's like trying to keep up with the Kardashians, but without a whole team of people to help you out.

But here's the promise, my peeps. 👇 If you create a strong foundation💪 for your biz with a strategic marketing approach, you'll finally attract your ideal clients. 🔥

Ditch that vanilla brand and show up on social media and your website with an authentic identity that's looks pro AND unique .

How to strategically market your eDesign business to attract more ideal clients

You may wonder, "How can a strategic marketing plan really help me attract my ideal clients?"

Well, let me tell ya. By identifying your ideal clients (those dreamy clients you’d kill to serve), creating a super cool brand identity 😎 (the one you’re hiding, maybe afraid to show), and using the right marketing channels, you can make sure that you're attracting the right people to your biz.

When you create content and offers based on what your dream client would love most, it's like throwing a party and only inviting your closest friends.

You want to make sure you're attracting the people who vibe with your style and approach 🌟, and NOT attracting all the freeloaders just hangin’ round for the free stuff 😒.

So here's the proposal, my peeps. If you want to attract your ideal clients and build a successful design biz, you gotta get strategic with your marketing! 📈 You need to identify your ideal clients, create a kickass brand identity 💥, AND utilize the right marketing channels to get the word out. 🗯️ If all this sounds like too much, don't worry, dude, I got a solution for ya. 😉

Here’s how my eDesign Bootcamp™ can help you learn all about how to build a killer brand and attract your ideal clients:

Create a Brand Identity

I’ll show you how to create a strong business foundation and your unique business avatar.

Your brand identity is like the face of your biz, representing your values and style. It's what people immeditiately notie about you and remember you for.

Having a consistent brand identity is like having superpowers. It helps build trust with potential clients because it shows that you're a legit and credible biz. If your branding is all over the place, it's like trying to skateboard on a banana peel 🍌 - not cool, dude.

A dope brand identity can also help you stand out from the crowd. Think of it like being a unicorn🦄 among horses. Your unique visual elements like your logo, colors, and typography can help you differentiate yourself from other players in your biz and attract clients who vibe with your style and message. 🥂

Having a strong brand identity can help you attract the right clients by communicating your values and mission effectively. When your branding aligns with the values of your target audience, it's like getting a chill vibe from them. 🥰 They're more likely to connect with and choose your biz over others that don't fit their style.

How to strategically market your eDesign business to attract more ideal clients

Develop your Dream Client Avatar

I’ll help you narrow down your target audience and create your ideal dream client avatar. By narrowing down your dream client avatar, you can tailor your marketing efforts to attract the peeps that are the perfect fit for your biz. 🎉

Think of it like fishing. When you cast a wide net, you might catch some fish, but they might not be the ones you want 🎣. But if you use a specific bait and go after a specific type of fish, you're more likely to catch the SPECIFIC TYPE of big fish that you really want 🐠.

Creating your ideal dream client avatar means you get super clear about who your biz is for AND what they need. You can then speak directly to them through your content 🗣️ , making them feel seen and understood . This helps build trust and connection, which can lead to more clients who are a perfect match for your biz. 😍

Client and competitor research analysis

We’ll look at the seasoned eDesigners and professional interior designers in the same niche as you. I’ll show you how to learn from and collaborate with these inspiring industry leaders. We’ll also explore client research to find your target audience. 🔎 By digging deep and researching what your ideal clients are all about, you'll know exactly how to talk to them and what they want. 😍 And by checking out your competitors, you'll know what's working and what's not, so you can ditch that vanilla and stand out from the crowd.

This super power process is key to creating a kick-butt marketing strategy that will help you build a rockin' biz that stands out in your niche like the unicorn🦄 you are.

How to stand out in your industry

Tips and strategies for getting more clients

You'll get loads of tips, tricks, and marketing strategies to get more clients, in a way that works for your business model. By following these strategies, you can learn how to market your biz in a way that doesn't feel like you're trying too hard. 😅 Let me show you how to use the latest marketing trends and techniques that help your dreamiest clients find you, instead of you having to spend hours online chasing them. So chill out, peeps, and let's get to work on getting more clients for your biz! 🤩

Don't let the online biz world get you down. With a little strategic marketing 💡, you can attract the clients you've been dreamin' of. That's why I've created the eDesign Bootcamp™. See you on the inside, friend! 🥳


Check out the full spread included in the eDesign Bootcamp™

Part 1: Beginner business foundation

Build a solid business foundation for your eDesign or Interior Design Business: eDesign Bootcamp Part 1

When you don't have a business avatar, dream client, niche / target audience or CLUE what you're doing Are you a newbie in the beginning stages of your eDesign biz? Or are you a seasoned interior designer of 25 years wanting to finally add eDesign to your services? All experience levels welcome for this business foundation bundle including these in-depth modules 1-6:

Intro + overview

  • eDesign 101

  • eDesign History

  • eDesign Companies

  • Your Brand Identity

  • Your Dream Client


  • Client + Competitor Research Analysis.


Part 2: Intermediate client onboarding

Improve client onboarding and workflow processes for your eDesign or Interior Design Business: eDesign Bootcamp Part 2

Streamline your workflow process + set up a repeatable system to take clients with ease!

You build off of Beginner Part 1 of the bootcamp and learn the traditional eDesigner Workflow Process. You'll learn how to streamline your biz and set up a repeatable onboarding system to maximize your efficiency and profits like a pro! You will learn:

  • Intro + overview

  • On-boarding clients

  • Creative Direction

  • final design + floor plan

  • Final Shopping List

  • Follow-up + testimonials

  • Getting more clients

  • Services + Packages


  • Contracts + Proposals with an editable starter contract included.

  • Thesis Project - Final Project using everything from Part 1 + 2


Part 3: Advanced creative presentation

Learn professional presentation design skills for your eDesign or Interior Design Business: eDesign Bootcamp Part 3

Let's take your eDesign presentation skills to the next level with an easy overview of Photoshop + Canva!

Are you STILL creating in Powerpoint? You're struggling with random mood boards + no repeatable process. I'll teach you through self paced modules, workbook guide + outline to reference, and various interactive videos to follow along with to practice with hands on material. Make your graphics more realistic, dynamic and stand out (and you know mine rock) You will learn:

  • interface 101

  • Extra tool practice

  • Mood board creation

  • Concept Design

  • Room Template

  • Final Design

  • Curtain Design

  • Floor Plan Design

  • Virtual Staging Design

  • Kitchen Cabinetry

  • Exterior Design

  • post render touch-ups


  • Canva Essentials overview on benefits of software + how to use it as an eDesigner.

  • Canva Creation Set up a reusable mood board + concept design together.


A hands on experience that will meet you wherever you are in your biz + be customized to you+ your goals (starting or leveling up ).


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