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ORC 2023 One Room Challenge | Bathroom Facelift | Part 1 (week 1- week 4)

Week 1

I'm very excited to be a participant of the ORC!!✨

I've never done this one room challenge before but have seen many other designers participate so it's very EXCITING to be a part of the community and support each other in creating a fun and updated space 🤩

So I have actually been pretty BUSY 🤸‍♀️doing that on my own in my apartment and focusing on the living room, dining room and home office

I never thought, oh yeah, I could be documenting this in an ORC challenge!

Since I've already completed SEVERAL🔨 rooms I want to participate and focus on my bathroom

I really want this space to be something FUN and AUTHENTIC 👽the way I've captured that throughout the REST of my apartment ,I feel like the bathroom gets overlooked

I think if I redid it and brought in some COLOR🌈 and some of my PERSONALITY it can be more of a fun space to be in to be in.

I'm bringing in ALOT of color into my apartment because I felt like there's just so much beige and neutral tones and that DOESNT really excite or inspiring me. 💕

I would like to bring in fuchsia, hot pink, and royal blue maybe black and white.

So I'll create a fun little mood board to kind of SHOWCASE✌ the direction and vibe I'm going for

Even though this is a small space, I think we can JAM in a lot of FUN and personality into it through COLOR and accessories 😝

I've been very BUSY with my consulting business fosterdecorconsulting, where I help my interior design peers with creating a STRONG business foundation and BETTER marketing strategies, so we have a lot of fun working together over on that other account and website💵

I’m ready to have some fun with my own interior design roots and also NETWORK and COLLABORATE with some of my peers which was the whole reason why I created foster decor in the first place. 🤳

I wanted to have my own interior design business where I could be myself and be authentic and niche down to EDGY BOLD interiors for creative people 🐱‍🐉

Follow other projects at @oneroomchallenge @apartmenttherap


Week 2

It's been an exciting week since last Wednesday. I took the leap to join the One Room Challenge for the first time and haven't looked back!

It feels like slow progress but a ton of items arrived from Amazon the other day. I was able to get the peel and stick wallpaper, the fun art, the bright pink film to put on the shower doors and more.

So gathering a lot of the materials is one annoying part of the progress because it requires patience! I created this mock-up in Photoshop to give an idea of what I'm envisioning for the facelift to the bathroom.

But things might change along the way but it'll be interesting to see how we progress. This whole process has been getting my OG design juices flowing again and I feel like a kid again enjoying design!

Take a peek at my progress and stay tuned for more! This will definitely be the hippest and coolest bathroom on the gram --

Check out the amazing transformation on my Instagram and Facebook!


Week 3

This week's challenge was to empty out all of the junk and clutter that has accumulated so we can start with a bare room and see what actually is needed and makes the cut to come back!

I also wanted to empty the bathroom organizer over the toilet and the rolling cart so that I can give them a fresh coat of paint (and save some money without having to buy a new piece of furniture).

This worked out great since Walmart had a sale on spray can paint!

And it was so much faster to use the spray versus hand painting as I've been doing plenty of that on some of my other larger Furniture pieces (and I'm soooo sore still ).

I have a lot of bright colors I'm using throughout the rest of the apartment so it only makes sense to continue the theme and bring some color and life into this sad beige bathroom.

I have to be careful and considerate since I'm renting and this isn't my own bathroom.

A lot of people rent and run into this same issue of not being able to make permanent changes.

I'm trying to do budget friendly changes that I can take with me to the next place or do minimal damage before we turn back the keys.

I have some peel and stick wallpaper and possibly more paint for the walls we'll see but stay tuned for week 4 to see how things keep progressing at the Midway point!


Week 4

Sometimes it's two steps forward one step back! And that's definitely the case with this last week.

After I spray painted the bathroom storage cubbies the lime green it just seemed a little intense.

Even though I'm all about the bright pop of color and I love chartreuse and lime... To go a little bit more with the space I decided to get a fuchsia pink color to spray on top.

But all the boxes were down and I was doing this in the middle of the night (in the dark LOL)

I noticed when I pick them up the green was still untouched inside and so this became a cool strawberry lime starburst look!

I decided to keep the duo tones and leave the lime inside. I spray painted the tops of gold metallic finish which I think all in all this has turned out better and go a little bit more with the rest of the space and especially the peel and stick wallpaper! More items are arriving so more to do.

But stay tuned as the space still feels like a mess! But it'll all be worth it in the end (I hope).


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