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Helping my interior design peers ditch the vanilla to build a vibrant authentic brand that will attract your dream clients, without the hustle + grind.

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Amanda Foster | Foster Decor Consulting

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You're here because...

Instagram help

Are you struggling to gain traction on IG? Or do you get 0 DMs or engagement? 

website help

Does your website convert? Or does it collect more dust than clients? 

graphics help

Does your vanilla branding get lost while your competitors stand out? 

Amanda Foster | Foster Decor Consulting

buildin' a biz
ain't always easy

You might be facing the same challenges that my clients did:

sound familiar?

How we'll solve that. 

Strategic Branding + Marketing for interior design + eDesign professionals in our shared industry.

Interior Design branding specialist Amanda Foster sits on the floor.

ready to flip ur biz

Coach + Mentor

Mentoring will help you develop a strong brand identity + authentic story to discover your super power in the biz world. So you finally attract dream clients with ease.

Brand Design

Create some killer visuals for your brand that'll make a bangin' impression and attract your perfect clients. It's like being a unicorn in your industry - people will take notice.

Profit Roadmap

Make a roadmap for your biz that lays it all out, so you can go from just getting by to killing it. Having a solid plan is a game-changer in the business world, so don't skimp on this.

C'mon, your biz can’t grow when you’re just "winging it".

Attract the right tribe (ditch desperately taking bad clients in styles you hate!)

Freebie eDesign graphic by Amanda Foster

grab your freebie

3 step guide to level-up your interior design or eDesign biz.

edesign business specialist Amanda Foster stands with her hand on her hip and smiling at the camera.

Rock your biz w/ a trusted industry pro

Ditch the DIY + Fiver shortcuts. Hook up w/ a seasoned pro in the interior design biz who's got your back w/ a 3-in-1 solution to crush all the obstacles holding ya back from building a biz that excites you.


I know the ins + outs of the industry + what it takes to kill it. Let's upgrade your brand, website, + marketing, so every touchpoint, content piece, + interaction elevates you to look like a boss who rocks every project you work on.

10+ years in industry

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past partnerships

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Services for CEOS


ready to invest to get big results. Let's work together

The first step to winning online is to dig deep to the core of your brand.

These foundational mentoring services will set you up for long-term success.


step 1:

VIP Intensive

(Business + Brand Clarity Session for Interior eDesigners)

  1. Get to the heart of your biz and define what makes you an interior design rockstar.

  2. Get clear on what makes your brand special, your sick design style, what sets you apart, + who you wanna work with the MOST.

  3. Audit social media and website, get feedback, and make the changes will make you even cooler and help you serve your peeps better.

You'll walk away w/ a custom roadmap showing you how to make your brand stand out +bring in more dreamy clients.

Includes everything below:

Eye-opening sessions custom for your success! This is an amazing bundle + first step to creating a more profitable biz you love!


your biz should make a killer 1st impression

There are riches in the niches. Finding your inner designer + unique superpower is how you will attract and book more dope eDesign projects.


Ditch the shotgun approach to biz building! No shortcuts will help build a solid rep + earn trust from your dream clients.

To book more fire eDesign projects, we gotta dig deep and find your brand's core and unique design super power.

No more fast and cheap, or free and DIY, let's step back and build a strong foundation for a killer, thriving biz

your biz needs a niche


goofball @ heart

Amanda Foster | Foster Decor Consulting

your transformation - our team work!

my process

Delegating tasks you're not a pro @ is a boss move. This CEO vibe will boost your biz growth. Let the experts step up + help you crush it, w/out all the stress + struggle.