Graphics, Branding Starter Kit + Branding Refresh!
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The graphics + branding you need to stand OUT from the crowd and Confidently show off who you are as a bad-ass eDesigner!

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Do you need custom graphics? Need help establishing your brand identity? Or maybe you have a brand, but it could use a little refresh? One of the MOST important things (and the foundation of any business) is having a brand identity that you LOVE! One that is iconic to you and that helps ideal clients recognize you. Let’s give you all the branding goodies so that you stay consistent, cohesive and have a clear brand identity!

Ready for Branding!?

The eDesign Bootcamp™

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What's your branding struggle?

I offer 3 types of branding help to assist you wherever you are at with your business’s brand!

Take a look and find the option that best suits you!


You just started your business (or maybe you’ve been established for a while) but have no clue where to start when it comes to brand identity. You use multiple different colors, fonts, pictures, and are just trying to piece things together as you go. You might have created a premade logo using a template off canva, but you don't LOVE it, you're lacking confidence.


Maybe you have a brand identity, but it doesn't quite match your business. You have an old logo, your colors don't match, and you could try to “DIY” but let's be real. You just don't have the time, or energy to figure it all out yourself. You need help refreshing your brand so that it matches your amazing biz!


You have branding, but NO cohesion when it comes to your Instagram. You mix-n-match canva templates, use a variety of styles and colors, and your IG just looks a little ALL over the place. Girl, you need some custom IG templates! Shake the chaos and get streamlines! Imagine having 12 ‘Done For You’ templates that are post ready? Templates that are consistent, cohesive, and inline with your brand identity? Let’s get your Ig branding!

Avoid the burn-out (or escape it if youre already there!) with branding and graphics that gives you freedom! You can finally feel confident in your brand while having template ready to go without spending LOADS of time trying to create your own in canva. Whether you need:

  • Full branding

  • Refresh branding

  • IG templates

  • Or a mixture of both,

I can help you find clarity in your brand that will make marketing 10x easier, LESS confusing, and MORE cohesive!!

Benefits of having an established brand identity!

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“Amanda is very easy to talk to. I  message her a lot over FB Messenger. She's able to help me when I'm stuck + not sure where to go. I had a hard time finding my niche + just talking to her she's able to guide me + answer all of my questions”


-  eDesign Bootcamp Clients  -

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Show up as a professional. When you have a clear brand identity, you start showing your ideal clients that you KNOW who you are as a brand and can start creating cohesion between your brand identity and your message,

Increase your visibility. When you have consistency in your brand, people will start recognizing you STRAIGHT  from your posts! Your style, color schemes, pictures - that consistency MATTERS and will help you attract clients. 

Branding Benefits, Baby!!
The effects of Branding

Confident, Clear, and Cohesive!

Branding Confidence!


WOOHOO! You have a clear brand identity which means no more “DIY” patchworking themes and styles together! You KNOW who you are as an eDesigner and can now stand behind branding you love that showcases your unique personality!

Better branding, Better marketing!


Now that you have a brand you love, you can start creating posts /  content that speak to your ideal clients! You can post consistently because you now have a clear understanding on your color palette, fonts, and styles. 

Okay you fabulous eDesigner, Let's talk branding!

Get professional branding from an expert in graphic design, web design, and eDesign! Transform your brand so that it stand out and sparkles as bright as you do!!

Here are all the details!


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branding starter kit

(when you don't have one)

Are you in the beginning stages of your biz + don’t have a custom logo, a defined color palette, or a clue of what to do next? Then this branding kit is perfect for you!


  • Main Logo

  • Initial Watermark

  • Main Font

  • Secondary Font

  • Color Palette

  • Decorative Shapes

Phew! No more stressin’ trying to DIY on Canva with the same overused templates. This branding kit will be authentically created with your unique BAD ASS designer business in mind. Show the world your true colors + shine bright like an overly bedazzled diamond!


branding refresh

(when your current look needs TLC)

Is your old logo looking drab? Color palette lacking luster? Girl, this brand refresher is just what you need to re-spark your branding flame!


  • Refreshed Logo

  • Initial Watermark

  • Main Font

  • Secondary Font

  • Color Palette

  • Decorative Shapes

When you are burnt out, overwhelmed, and too close to your brand to see it needs a little TLC, this refresher will give your brand the facelift it needs so it can rejoin the branding “cool” table. Give your brand the chance to stand loud + proud!

[ Branding Refresh Example ]

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(12 done in your branding ready to post)

1 month of Custom IG templates

Is your Insta all over the place? Random photos + videos? Different fonts + colors? Girl, your brand deserves better. Shake the chaos and get streamlined with POST READY IG templates that reflect your unique brand! No one else with have these as they are one of a kind and custom made. By staying consistent with your presentation + sticking to brand guidelines, your feed will look professional + build trust among potential clients. Can you say win-win?


  • Unique + Personalized  Templates

  • Customized in your Branding

  • Takes Guesswork out of posting

  • All Consistent Colors + Fonts

  • Your Logo + Watermark added

  • Post Ready + easy to Edit

  • Finally Scheduled-out Content

  • All Post designs will work together PERFECTLY

  • Checkerboard Feed Style

  • How to's, Shop the Look, Renders, Ask Me anything etc.

  • 12 unique post ideas in our industry! That's 1 month of content ready to use!

The eDesign Bootcamp™

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I know you might think branding is NBD. But GIRL, it is a VERY big deal! It’s the foundation of a great business because it helps:

With customer recognition!

eDesign consultant, young woman with black hair wearing glasses, blue blazer, purple shirt. She is looking down at a tablet.

When you are consistent, customers will start recognizing you just from your branding. This is huge! Imagine posting one picture and having people say “oh i know exactly who that is!”

Build your credibility!

 Instead of jumping back and forth between styles, which confuses your audience, you can BUILD trust my maintaining a clear brand identity

This market is saturated. There are new businesses being established daily making it harder and harder to compete. When you have an established brand you can remain consistent and continue to show your audience you KNOW who you are as a brand. 

You stand out!

It’s time to bring your brand to LIFE! Let's get you branded today!

Let’s take the confusion, and overwhelm out of your daily branding dilemma. With my branding services you will finally escape the burn out.

More branding benefits!

​​✓No more posting just to post with pre-made overused templates from canva. Post with purpose with CUSTOM graphics that are created with your branding. Saving you TIME + ENERGY!

Create consistency throughout your streams. Now that you have professional branding that you LOVE you can create cohesion throughout your website, Instagram, and business. You now look professional, established, and can become an authority in your field that people trust.

✓No more burnout!! No more stressing, you have all the branding essentials to keep you focused, and on track. You can easily create consistency because you have premade colors, fonts, logos SET and ready to import to any post, website page, business form, you name it!

 I mean, that would totally rock, wouldn't it?!


Let's get you branded baby and read to rock'n roll with conisistency and cohesion!

The eDesign Bootcamp™

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Branding is for you if you are an eDesigner + Interior Designer...

Ready to create a brand that attracts dream clients

Ready to invest in your business to grow and scale

Ready to be consistent with your branding.

Ready to create the IG needed to increase organic traffic

Ready to take you biz seriously and learn from an expert

This is NOT for you if you are an eDesigner + Interior Designer...

Not willing to invest in quality resources to grow your biz

You find excuses and would rather just wing-it 

You'd rather spend years trying to figure it out on your own

Your biz is more a hobby and you aren't ready to level-up

You aren't ready to ask for help

If you are READY to elevate your brand + start appealing to your dream clients then let's chat! 

Schedule branding today! :)