the eDesign Bootcamp™

Your one stop shop with everything you need to get started with eDesign.

BUNDLE packages of 1:1 coaching, over 15 self-paced modules w/ video commentary, worksheets + activities.

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Creating a successful + profitable eDesign business just got a WHOLE lot easier with the eDesign Bootcamp now available.

Let's get our Learn on :)

The eDesign Bootcamp™

admit it. the struggle is real. you could use some help.

- the struggle -




Are you a confused eDesign newbie struggling at the beginning stages of your biz?



Or maybe you're a seasoned interior designer that has been in the business for 25 years.

This unique hands on experience will meet you wherever you are in your biz + be customized to you + your goals ( starting or leveling up ).

the benefits

let's get your business sparklin' online.

Custom to you


Stop waiting for clients to come to you, instead take action, and save yourself time + money by getting a customized roadmap for your biz.

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We ain't Basic


Create a thriving eDesign biz with a comprehensive, in-depth, eDesign guide designed to give you a roadmap to success with mentor + coaching support!

Pocket Coach


Unlike other downloads, these BUNDLES of courses include  additional mentoring support as an option if you need it through chat/DM access with me your eDesign BESTIE + 1:1 zoom calls.

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Actual Progress


Feel 100% supported with questions answered. I'll make sure you stay on track with accountability to reach your milestones!

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result & relief

time to cross off your to-do list - I got you!

Finally started


You finally took the leap and made the dream a reality! 


We've created a game plan for your biz and tailored actionable steps for you to create your new business with a string foundation! 

Biz Confident


180 in your biz with focus and strategy! 


You have been in the interior design business for a while and now know how to add eDesign to your services. 

Skype Calling FD BEST.png

“Amanda is very easy to talk to. I  message her a lot over FB Messenger. She's able to help me when I'm stuck + not sure where to go. I had a hard time finding my niche + just talking to her she's able to guide me + answer all of my questions”


-  eDesign Bootcamp Clients  -

The eDesign Bootcamp™

This is NOT a “one-size-fits-all” downloadable course you complete ALL on your own (that ends up collecting dust in your inbox). This course includes:

1:1 intensive coaching session to know your unique goals, help you stay on track + always feel supported.


Access to a library of online self-paced modules w/ video commentary of me teaching + mentoring you.

Printable slides, special downloadable workbook guide, extra activity sheets to help you w/ the in-depth content.


Finish w/ a capstone Final Project to kickstart your portfolio w/ everything you learned from the courses.

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your eDesign BFF in your back pocket

The eDesign Bootcamp™

 I’ve got EXACTLY what you need to build...

An actual AUTHENTIC Kick-ass Brand Identity + DREAM Ideal Client .


Teach you the tools to onboard clients + start making money!


Give you the push you need to finally create a successful career you LOVE and leave that 9-5 or make that dream a reality!

Give you the support / mentoring / coaching needed to jump start your business goals!

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- okay listen up -

Calling all eDesigners & interior designers


Whether you are an experienced interior designer looking to add eDesign to your awesome services...


A newbie virtual online designer FINALLY looking to CREATE an eDesign business from scratch...


Sure, you can grab a generic + basic $100+ downloadable course, but is that really going to help you create a UNIQUE business all on its own?

I've taken those and wasted my money (I bet you have, too)

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personal + hands on
eDesigner, young woman wearing blue jacket, purple shirt, and black jeans, She is holding a tablet wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.

That's why I created MY OWN eDesign Bootcamp that's DIFFERENT than the rest.


After helping my peers w/ their marketing + graphics - they said they learned more from a single Zoom consult than their downloaded courses - saaaay what?!

Thus, my own SUPER in-depth bootcamp was born!  It's hands-on, and jam packed with mentoring to keep you on track (like I wished I had gotten). 

It's important to make it personal and I make sure the trainings are custom to you and your business goals.


You will finally feel supported with someone there by your side from start to finish with the additional coaching support option. 

The eDesign Bootcamp™

- it's time -

time to do the following CONFIDENTLY...

eDesign Bootcamp™ First Module
eDesign Bootcamp™ Second Module
eDesign Bootcamp™ Third Module

SHOW UP on social media + your website with an authentic  brand identity that is unique and finally SPEAKS to your IDEAL CLIENTS.

Show up

CREATE irresistible packages, services, + offers that are perfectly priced, and lead your audience to take action to work with you NOW.


BELIEVE in your biz foundation we set up together, knowing you have a SOLID framework that is built for actual long term SUCCESS!


Skype Calling FD BEST.png

“I'd totally recommend eDesign Bootcamp™ w/ Amanda Foster! It's REALLY really informational! This is something every newbie or seasoned interior designer needs! It's so structured + I promise you it's going to help with your business a lot!”


-  eDesign Bootcamp Clients  -

Laptop sitting on a womans lap. She is in bed with white sheets holding a coffee.

Look. You’ve spent WAY too much time, energy, & money trying to learn (or create) an eDesign biz that works, right? 

I mean, let’s be real. If you’re like most entrepreneurs in the world today you probably are guilty of one of the following:

Spend hours pouring over YouTube tutorials day in + day out


Download every new eDesign freebie you can find


Buy random courses that turn out to be generic + bland

Read blog posts, articles, + Pinterest all things but left with NO clarity


DIY w/ no real business framework or solid foundation to stand on 

Believe me I KNOW how this makes you feel. 

As a busy solopreneur are you experiencing the following:

Burn-out, Imposter Syndrome, Frustration, Confusion

😔You’re wondering if all that time spent trying to figure it all out was a big waste of time. 

😔You’re having those “what was I thinking” moments that are detrimental to your motivation + only bring you down. 

😔You find yourself completely burnt-out wondering if you should just throw in the towel after trying a bunch of tips but  have no real clients or money to show for it.

eDesign Bootcamp™

- Girl, I got you -

Think of the Bootcamp as your eDesign cheat sheet. All your questions answered by an expert in the field who’s done it all + knows how to help!

more benefits

Imagine having a business shortcut to streamline your biz + cut out the BS. Learn the secret sauce to landing clients! 


Become an authority in your specialty that creates trust and connections among your clients. 


Learn the secrets behind pricing your services + packages so that you land clients, make money, and GROW your eDesign business!

Two laptops sitting on a desk with books on the side.

  isn't time to get started or focused? 

personal coach

You'll have everything you need + MORE with The eDesign Bootcamp from my plethora of knowledge and video commentary! 

You'll create one-of-a-kind brand identity and finally have the tools to present yourself as an authority in your niche, setting up your business up for long term success!

Your dream eDesign biz is right around the corner, are you ready for it?!

eDesign Bootcamp™
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eDesigner, young woman wearing blue jacket, purple shirt, and black jeans, She is holding a tablet wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.
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The best part of The eDesign Bootcamp is you can get the additional 1:1 coaching calls to help you wherever you are in your business. 

“The modules we’re so packed regarding the depth and material covered - WOW! It didn't feel as surface as I expected (or downloaded in the past). Oh my god I learned a TON! 5 stars for sure ***** ”

-  eDesign Bootcamp Client  -

- budget friendly -

And the best part about The eDesign Bootcamp™ is that I designed it to HELP you,  NOT to break your bank!

eDesigner, young woman wearing blue jacket, purple shirt, and black jeans, She is holding a tablet wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.
eDesign Bootcamp™ Mentoree!

I’m not trying to sell you a course to make money + NEVER talk to you again. This is not just some download. This is an experience where we can work together to crush your goals!

I’ve been in your EXACT shoes before. Stressed, overworked, trying to get out of my 9-5...


Trying to piece random tidbits of info together. Not finding answers - wasting time...


DIY-ing everything which is time-consuming and draining. Not asking for help...


eDesign Bootcamp™

The truth is... I WISH there was an eDesign Bootcamp™ course available when I first ventured into the amazing world of online virtual design back in 2014.

A course that was customized to me, my unique business, + that met me where I was in my career.

The few basic eDesign courses I've taken left me feeling disappointed. 

eDesign consultant, young woman with black hair wearing glasses, blue blazer, purple shirt.

STOP wasting your time and take advantage of this bundle with all the juicy content made specially just for YOU!

↓                 ↓                ↓

✅  What makes this bootcamp one of a kind is how TAILORED I make it to each and every designer! You all are different and so should the journey!


✅ This is a self paced for those that want to go it alone OR a hands on experience with an actual coach to help push, motivate and keep you accountable with custom homework + guidance to achieve your personal business goals!


✅ I needed that and it just wasn't out there. I want to offer all my expertise in making sure you are heard and work together to collaborate, brainstorm and cheerlead you into success!

your eDesign BFF in your back pocket

start doing

✔ The eDesign Bootcamp™ is perfect for you if you've the been daydreaming about this stuff, but need that extra push!


If you're ready to put in the work with a mentor who can help you through the whole process - I can walk you through it all and guide.


✔ I designed + structured this to help you, NO MATTER where you fall on the design scale - experience or education.

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eDesign consultant, young woman with black hair wearing glasses, blue blazer, purple shirt. She is smiling and pointing up.
quit dreamin'