IG Makeover Audit

The Instagram consult you need to turn your page from just alright to absolutely FAB!

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Your IG has mere milliseconds to make a GRAND first impression to your audience. If it's not optimized, branded, or consistent you will repel ideal clients (GAH!) It's time to GLAM your GRAM so that it stops the scroll and makes a killer first impression!

Let’s get your IG GLAM on:)

The eDesign Bootcamp™


I know. IG is confusing AF. Changing daily, updates weekly. You need some help.

- the struggle -




You’ve JUST started your eDesign business and want to make sure your IG account is fully optimized to bring in dream clients. But you are confused on what to do, where to start, and need HELP!



You’ve been on IG for awhile, but you have low engagement, no conversions, and you just can't seem to get the knack of IG. You’ve tried all the IG hacks but nothing seems to be working.

This 1:1 Instagram Audit + Intensive is a deep dive into your profile and account to see what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to change to make a SCROLL STOPPING feed! I will give you the direction you need to create an elevated account that is clear, consistent, cohesive, and drop dead GORG to make that CRUCIAL first impression!

the benefits

Get your gram sparkling and attract clients!

Custom to you


  • This session will be tailored to you and your profile. I will do a thorough audit of your site, reviewing every aspect of your profile to see how it can improve.

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We ain't Basic


We will go through EVERYTHING. This isn’t a basic surface level audit. We will dive deep into your branding and see how you can create consistency throughout your account.

From A-Z 


We will tackle your IG bio, profile picture, captions, hashtags, highlights, stories, the whole sha-bang! We are getting to the core of your profile and making sure it works for you!

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Actual Progress


You will have 90 minutes with me to go into every detail! Ask questions, get step-by step guidance, this intensive is all about you darlin and I ensure you will get the guidance you need to create a thriving IG account!

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Completely Customized to YOU

result & relief

Post, Glow, Grow, & Convert! Let’s do this!

Clarity, Confidence, Cohesion!


You have clarity, confidence, and know how to create a cohesive account that embodies your brand! You know exactly what to do to optimize your account so that it is crystal clear to your clients who you are, what you do, and how you help! You now have a strategy for moving forward and feel excited, no longer confused! Priceless.

Professional+ Authoritative


You now know what you have to do to create a profile that is professional, branded and shows your authority! People buy from brands they know, like, and trust. With the IG refresh you will be given the tools you need to present your brand to nail all 3 factors! No more random posts, you now know how to post with PURPOSE and to show your clients you KNOW your stuff! YASSSS!

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“Amanda is very easy to talk to. I  message her a lot over FB Messenger. She's able to help me when I'm stuck + not sure where to go. I had a hard time finding my niche + just talking to her she's able to guide me + answer all of my questions”


-  eDesign Bootcamp Clients  -

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The eDesign Bootcamp™

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Let's get to the juicy details!

I’m spilling all my IG secrets with you so that you can SHOW UP like the badass eDesigner you are, with pride and confidence! No more hiding behind your posts, it’s time to let your brand shine with an IG makeover that will refresh your feed and give you confidence!

“Tell me more, amandork! What’s included?”
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  • Dive deep: in-depth eDesign questionnaire / review + discuss answers

Before we start, I will send you a detailed questionnaire to see where you fall within the eDesign field, checking out your skills, education + past experience. This helps me better understand what you’ll need to move forward in your business. Please be as detailed as possible + take the time to think about your biz goals + answers to optimize our session Get ready to solve your problems, destroy the overwhelm + create a plan!

  • Business shortcut: streamline your biz + cut out the BS

Grab some coffee + pull up a chair. We will brainstorm together to nail down your unique brand voice, niche + target audience so you stand out from the crowd. We’ll create your client avatar, so you can better tailor your services + strategy to your dream client. I’ll share a tried + tested, rinse + repeat formula that you can implement straight away to start taking on clients. We’ll discuss and explore your unique branding identity to ensure you stand out from your competition.


  • Your unique eDesign avenue: roadmap to success 

Every edesigner is different + every business is unique. I will help you narrow down which edesign industry you want to break into that best suits your skills set, personality + experience. I will help you determine the optimum software, tools + resources for you + your biz, based on your education + experience. Then, I'll save you the time + energy by giving you a clear plan on exactly what you need to focus on to move forward to onboard clients like a pro! 

  • Your pricing dilemma: tailored starting-out rates and packages

You have no idea how to package up your services + are stressing out over what to charge. I’ve got you! Depending on your skill level + experience, we’ll define your business goals + price your services accordingly. By creating clear rates for your services + packages, you will be able to market your business proudly + sell with confidence! ​​

  • Final Project: Based on your Biz + Niche a project for your portfolio

You may just be starting out and need to something for your portfolio - we got you covered! You will use EVERYTHING we learn through this program to build towards your unique Final Project that you can include in your portfolio as a send off graduate from the boot camp with your very own certificate of completion! ​There's nothing more rewarding then finally taking the leap to getting the guidance you need to level up your business! You will get so much from this jammed pack course! So what are you waiting for - let's do this!

The eDesign Bootcamp is exactly what you need to build an authentic kick-ass brand identity, helping you find clarity in your niche, ideal client, and give you support with a coach to jump start your business goals!

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The eDesign Bootcamp™

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I’ve got what you need to create an IG account that Stops. The. Scroll!

  • A full review + breakdown of your feed so you know EXACTLY what next steps are and how to proceed with your account.


  • Give you my insider tips on how to grow an ENGAGED audience. Turn those crickets into clients, baby!


  • No beating around the bush with me! I will be open and honest with you on what you need to change to better serve your audience.


  • 90 minutes of 1:1 guidance, teaching and mentoring! You will receive my undivided attention and get all the juicy details to make your brand STAND out from the crowd!

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- I mean, be real with me. 

Are you guilty of any of the following? -

  • Posting just to post

  • Posting inconsistently

  • Using random canva templates

  • Using a variety of different fonts and colors

  • Not staying on theme 

  • Winging it, with no real strategy

Top view looking down on a laptop on a bed.

Hey girl, admit it. You’ve probably made a few (if not all) of these mistakes. That's ok! No judgement zone here! As I mentioned, IG changes daily, it can be confusing and challenging to stay up to date on best practices, especially if you are at the beginning stages of your biz! 


But when you follow this path you end up creating a confused IG feed that sends mixed signals to your audience. Changing colors, fonts, pictures, templates - it gets people scratching their head saying “who is this?”

It’s a sure fire way to lose followers, and potential clients which is NO BUENO!
The eDesign Bootcamp™

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People buy from brands they know, like and trust:
Laptop sitting on a womans lap. She is in bed with white sheets holding a coffee.

KNOW: You're always on BRAND and cohesive. They know a post is yours because it stays in your theme's aesthetics. You use consistent logos, colors, fonts, and pictures. People KNOW it is you! 

LIKE: You bring your brand story to life, creating posts that resonate with your audience. You entertain, inform, and educate your audience and create posts that are in line with their values and ideals! They start to LIKE you!


TRUST: You show up consistently! Depending on what that means for you, whether you post 3x a week or 5! You keep to that schedule and are always consistent. You give value and people trust you for information. This builds TRUST.

It’s time to create the IG feed that will make all your competitors jealous. I mean seriously, how would it feel to get VIP treatment? A session that gives you feedback on how to improve so you can confidently plan, create + schedule better posts, get tips for writing resonating content + stop those scrollers in their tracks. Start saving yourself precious time + energy. 


You'll step away from this session knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to market your business confidently. - Let’s do this!

eDesign Bootcamp™

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 Imagine going from...

“I have no idea what I’m doing”                                        

“I’m confused on how to make a great BIO”               

“Idk how to create a consistent brand account”    

“Idk how to attract clients”                                           

 “I have a plan and know exactly what to do!”

 “I know how to create consistency and cohesion!”

 “I have a bio that's optimized and totally rocks!”             

 “I have a strategy that works for me!”

These sessions are meant to give you CLARITY so that you feel comfortable + confident implementing all the things we discuss.


I give you the tools + resources + TONS of advice so that you can consistently post with purpose and totally WIN on the gram!


No more second guessing yourself, time to market your business + brand professionally and confidently!

This is for you if you are an eDesigner + Interior Designer...

Ready to leverage your IG account to attract dream clients

Ready to invest in your business to grow and scale

Ready to learn how to Stop the Scroll on Instagram

Ready to create the IG account needed to market successfully

Ready to take you biz seriously and learn from an expert

This is NOT for you if you are an eDesigner + Interior Designer...

Not willing to invest in quality resources to grow your biz

You find excuses and would rather just wing-it 

You'd rather spend years trying to figure it out on your own

Your biz is more a hobby and you aren't ready to level-up

You aren't ready to ask for help

If you are READY to "WIN" on the Gram, elevate your account, and start appealing to your dream clients....Then what are you waiting for???

Schedule your IG Refresh today!