Website Makeover Audit

The refresh you need to take your website, from drab to fab! Turn those crickets into customers!

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Having a website for your business is CRUCIAL! Not only is it a great way for you clients to learn more about you and your style, but your website is one of the best ways  to generate traffic, leads, and sales (Heck YASSS!!!). Let’s makeover your website so that it stands out to your audience and shows off your kick-ass eDesign brand!!

Let’s get  your website a makeover!

The eDesign Bootcamp™

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Worried if your website looks professional? Is it user friendly, on brand, and showing up?

- Your Website Struggle -


New Website?


Your biz is brand new and you’ve “DIY” a website the best you can, but you need some help to take it up a notch. You want a glowing website that represents your killer style and that attracts clients, but not exactly sure where to start or how to do it. Help please!

Veteran Website


Your business has been up and running for years but your website has kinda taken the back burner. It doesn't quite match up with your brand anymore and it needs a little love and  TLC. You want to refresh your website so that it better suits your biz. Refresh please!

The Website Makeover Audit is a 1:1 intensive where we will go over every single aspect of your website to see what's working and what’s not. This isn't a surface level session, this is a deep dive consult where I will give you professional + expert advice when it comes to your website design, layout, branding, copywriting, SEO, usability, and MORE!  By the end of this session, you will know EXACTLY what steps to take to elevate your website to give it the glow up it deserves!

FREE : You will also receive my exclusive website SEO guide! This is a free resource I give my clients to help them level-up theirwebsite SEO so that they show up on Google!

Juicy Website Benefits!

Let’s get your website sparkling!

Deep Dive


  • Not 1 minute will be wasted in this session. This consult is a thorough deep dive and we will spend quality time going through every little detail.

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We ain't Basic


  • Get ready to take lots of notes!  I will go  over your website’s layout, flow, organization, graphics, branding, SEO, and copywriting!

Web Secrets!


  • You will be given all my juicy website secrets and 1:1 feedback on how to improve your website so that it is stronger, more defined, and consistent with your branding!

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  • Having a professional looking website that is consistent and cohesive with y9ur branding will help you attract dream clients! 

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1:1 Session TAILORED to you :)

How will you feel after the audit?

Confident, Excited, and Ready to Show Off your Dreamy Website!

Professional, Bad-ass eDesigner w/ a Killer Website!


You will finally feel excited about your website! No more” DIY”, second guessing yourself or wondering if your website looks “professional enough.” After our session you will have all the tools you need to bring your website to LIFE.


User-Friendly+ Strategic AF!


Not only will you know what to do to makeover you website, but you will be given expert advice on how to create a layout that is strategic and brings your website visitors on a journey. A layout that is user friendly, easy to navigate, and that encourages your visitors to take action! Lets gooooooo!

You can trust that I know what I am talking about. I am not just an interior designer turned eDesigner. I have YEARS experience in graphic design and web design! I know how to help you create a website that glues your readers to the screen and has them going up down, in and out of all your pages! I can't wait to help you make your website sparkle!!

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“Amanda is very easy to talk to. I  message her a lot over FB Messenger. She's able to help me when I'm stuck + not sure where to go. I had a hard time finding my niche + just talking to her she's able to guide me + answer all of my questions”


-  eDesign Bootcamp Clients  -

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The eDesign Bootcamp™

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Alright GURL -here’s  the juicy breakdown of everything you will receive in our intensive!

Get expert advice from an experienced graphic designer, web designer, and eDesigner all in one session! I’m ready to share all my design advice with you so that you can level up your website and make it as fabulous as your brand!

Check out the session details below!
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  • Makeover: Website review

Is your site collecting cobwebs? Or worse, NO TRAFFIC?! In this deep dive, we will declutter your site + make it SHIMMER from top to bottom, page to page. What’s your site’s first impression? Dull + outdated or daring + engaging? Let’s freshen it up with my feedback so you can rocks-the-socks off your visitors!

  • Brand rejuvenation station: name, headers + images

Does your name, logo + images reflect your brand identity? That corporate shot from 2010 + DIY logo need a refresh. Let’s establish what feels right for you now so you can project your brand’s most authentic + up-to-date version of itself out there.


  • Let’s get stylin’: logo, color palette, design

Your website is a sneak peek into your brand's vibin’ style. It's crucial to have the right colors, fonts + designs that can stir your visitors’ emotions, increase brand recognition + help your dream clients to take action! Let me discuss the first impressions and how color psychology can attract your clients, not repel.

  • Page refresher: all pages (About, Services, etc)

There's so much potential for client growth + reach when done right! Let's make sure to review that your pages are working hard to attract your ideal client with CLEAR messaging. We'll cover your services + copywriting to pricing and make sure ALL make sense to your ideal client (maybe you don't know if you're charging the right amount or need an extra set of eyes to look over your packages). Breathe a sigh of relief as I answer your dilemmas on how to explain, package + price your offerings.

  • Website compass: overall navigation + layout

Confused layouts + complicated navigation = no visitors. Let’s make it easy for them + get your website flowing flawlessly to get visitors wanting to see EVERY-DANG-PAGE, giving them confidence in your brand + what they can receive from your website. Also, I'll discuss some of my FAVORITE apps to integrate with your site to level it up and make onboarding smoother for your client and less work for you!

  • Complimentary Guide: I’ll give you tools to elevate your account with a IG 411 breakdown in an in-depth guide on how to DIY the changes to your account covering optimizing your name, bio, profile pic, link in bio, stories, hashtags, geo-location, brand tagging, eDesign post topics to cover to your clients and much more as I continue to update this guide for all clients.

  • 1:1 Mentoring Session: I will give feedback on ways to improve the list above as well as specific + custom homework for moving forward with a stronger branding identity + a custom social media game plan for your unique account. My custom feedback on all these areas will give you a better understanding on how to optimize your website to boost your organic traffic, and increase your user experience!


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The eDesign Bootcamp™

*CHANGE TO Website Makeover Picture

I know how you feel girlfriend. Running a biz, establishing your brand, trying to follow all the tips,tricks and hacks - it’s got you feeling



Confused AF

Burnt Out

Drained + sick of "DIY"

eDesign consultant, young woman with black hair wearing glasses, blue blazer, purple shirt. She is looking down at a tablet.

But Imagine waking up tomorrow feeling excited, confident, and ready to Show-Off your website!?!

It would feel freaking amazing, admit it!
  • Your website reflects your brand from top to bottom perfectly

  • Your navigation is set up for an enhanced user experience

  • You have strategic copy to encourage conversion.

Top view looking down on a laptop on a bed.

 I mean, that would totally rock, wouldn't it?!


It’s time to bring your dream website to life, and in this session I will help you do JUST that!

The eDesign Bootcamp™

*CHANGE TO Website Makeover Picture

SO if your website.. 
Laptop sitting on a womans lap. She is in bed with white sheets holding a coffee.


❌Brings in low (or 0) traffic

inconsistent with your brand

❌Collects more cobwebs than clients..

Then it’s time for you to sign up for an audit

No need to hire an expensive web designer, spending hundreds (or thousands of dollars) & waiting weeks to months for the end results.


If you’re like me, you want things done ASAP - this 1:1 90-minute Intensive will give you just that!


You will recieve tailored feedback on:

✓Navigation, layout, + formatting - Make sure your site is user friendly

✓Review your headers, name, logo, & images 

✓Nail down your color palette, fonts, & design  

✓Review/ refresh all pages & make sure your message + copywriting is clear & targeted to your ideal clients

✓SEO suggestions so that you show up on search engines

eDesign Bootcamp™

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Let’s establish a website you're excited about so you can spot light...

- Your unique brand’s most AUTHENTIC + up-to-date version of itself 🤘   

- Your confidence and start sharing your website (not avoiding it) 💪 

- Your brand's VIBIN’ style so your clients can get to know your brand 🤩

The right colors, fonts + designs can stir your visitors’ emotions, INCREASE brand recognition + help your dream clients to take action! 


There's so much POTENTIAL for client growth + reach when done right! 


I’ll make sure to review your pages to make sure they are working hard to attract your ideal client with a CLEAR message. 


From services + copywriting + pricing. We look it over from head to toe! Breathe a sigh of RELIEF as I answer your dilemmas on how to explain, your packages + price your offerings. 


Let's DUST off those cobwebs! If you’re in NEED of a website audit to get direct feedback that you can implement ASAP, this website makeover is what you need!

The Website Audit is for you if you are an eDesigner + Interior Designer...

Ready to leverage your website to attract dream clients

Ready to invest in your business to grow and scale

Ready to learn how to elevate your website so that it works for you

Ready to create the website needed to increase organic traffic

Ready to take you biz seriously and learn from an expert

This is NOT for you if you are an eDesigner + Interior Designer...

Not willing to invest in quality resources to grow your biz

You find excuses and would rather just wing-it 

You'd rather spend years trying to figure it out on your own

Your biz is more a hobby and you aren't ready to level-up

You aren't ready to ask for help

If you are READY to elevate your website + start appealing to your dream clients....Then what are you waiting for???

Schedule your Website Refresh TODAY! :)