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The podcast where we dive deep into the world of interior design, eDesign, and virtual design while exploring the transformative power of coaching and mentorship

Peer to Peer Podcast


eDesign | Interior Design | Branding | Web Design


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Amanda Foster - eDesign Coach

Deets on the show

here's the down low on my podcast

Whether you're a newbie designer or a veteran pro, "Peer to Peer" will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to elevate your brand identity in the competitive design market. Discover how to blend the art of interior design with the science of brand identity + marketing.

client TLC

from my amazing interior eDesigner peers

Still not convinced I’m the biz mentor for you? Check out these video testimonials from my awesome clients who flipped their biz with my help!

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Amanda, farmhouse new england

“Amanda has been incredible to work with because of her experience as an interior designer she knows exactly how to work with and  guide interior designers to build their brand, story and make final determinations on their niche. Her broad understanding of not just marketing but social media marketing gives her a leg up on all of her competitors and helping designers stand out from the crowd, helping us find our voice and putting that down into real action."

Amanda, designed with bliss

The VIP Intensive truly helped me to hone in on my niche, define who I am as a designer and find my target audience. I knew I LOVED eDesign but I was unsure of how to define my brand. After working with Amanda, we narrowed down my skill set, brand, and audiences and discovered who my ideal client is and how to market to that niche. She taught me you cannot market to everyone. Having a defined niche is KEY to brand identity. This call was not only extremely detailed, Amanda truly took the time to know ME. 

Monica, modern
by monica

“Working with Amanda has been awesome. I've learned a lot from her website and IG audits about strong brand direction and the importance of having a target audience. The brand kit and templates that she's created for me really reflect my style. I've enjoyed our collaboration!"

Not only do I have decades of design experience, but I created + run a profitable eDesign biz myself! If you’re ready to learn from someone who’s done it all so YOU don’t have to struggle anymore, then let's rock your biz!

Let’s. Do. This!

Amanda Foster, CEO of FD Consulting wears heart shaped glasses smiling.

1 month follow up

hear from my happy clients on their progress

I love mentoring my clients with our 1:1 VIP Intensive catered to their unique business and goals. I can give you the tools and resources but YOU are your ROI and the ones that do the work with me see the BEST results! Are you next?

Vanessa, FD Consulting eDesign Business Client

Vanessa, @houseofredford

“I think what was most helpful was honestly just getting a second set of eyes on everything and getting expert suggestions on ways to organize and present my content. It was very informative learning everything you were showing me on Instagram and my website. I am putting that to good use! Your advice about switching to the row layout on my Instagram was definitely well received and among some of my top posts in terms of engagement and impressions. Your help with niche-type hashtags has also really improved my reach! I've changed so much since our first meeting. Thank you!"

Website Design, Branding, & IG Strategy Client


"You helped me focus in on the way colors, clip art, photos etc can create a personality to give a voice to my brand on web and social media. I try to make sure I keep all of those consistent. You also helped me with posting with purpose and showing me some of the design possibilities that Weebly has to offer. So I'm really trying to squeeze out more on my website! Learning how to do stuff like that was a HUGE help for me. My social has increased for the better, with more people outside the designer dynamic following my IG page! It's a marathon, not a sprint, but I feel confident that I'm headed in the right direction toward reaching my ideal clients!"

Ebony, FD Consulting eDesign Client

ebony, @ebony.boho

"Well, the consultation has definitely helped open my eyes to so much I wasn't doing or even thinking about. I’m more mindful of my posting with purpose. Taking a step back and making sure I have everything marked off on the checklist we created, I'm now using the CTAs and structure we talked about for posts. I’ve switched up my bio and I am in the process of changing the photo to a professional headshot, but love the tips you suggested to use in the meantime. I'm trying to show more of my face, using my branding/logo, working towards having consistency and a more professional page. Some things I’ve incorporated, and other things are longer term but I’m now aware of them."

Amanda Foster - eDesign Coach, Mentor, And Expert

your struggle

Ya wanna turn that ’hobby’ into a thriving biz that brings you clients, projects + SALES!

You're struggling with Marketing, Branding, Website, Social Media + feel overwhelmed.

You're tired of being vanilla. It's time for a unique brand to stand out authentically.

You’re overwhelmed just thinking about it. Not sure where to start. #sendhelplease

That's where I step in, to help you kill it online!

FD Consulting interior design client

Dede, @tavedesigns

"You were the motivator I needed. You were direct without being pushy. You listened to what I was looking for and set me up in a way that made it easy for me to manipulate and continue on my own. You got me finally up to date on IG with my business account, but most importantly, you made the process fun! I'm learning as I go, and the 1:1 was so helpful and packed with so much. It's easier now and I have a rhythm! Thanks for always answering my DMs and chatting with me! I'm working through all the homework and changes you gave me!"

eDesign Business Client

Ashley, @ashinteriors

"I've been getting a positive response to the new refresh to my branding! You were right, it was nice - but wasn't great. I am more confident about sharing my Instagram, which I was embarrassed before to do. I love the custom templates you made and I tried to post as best I could, but you were right again - and I didn't have the time or bandwidth to also market myself. It's been such a relief having a social media manager added to the team and she specifically gets me more leads and uses the new branding! I'm still working on so many things for more publications and confident I'm headed in the right direction."

Kristin Overly Copywriting, Website Design Client



"It’s been 1 month since my IG Audit with Amanda, and I have to say I couldn’t be happier! Before the refresh, I struggled with what to post, + what colors to use, + worried about how my posts would look. NOW, I post with CONFIDENCE. I have an amazing branding kit that I absolutely love & posting easy. Having the customized IG templates allows me to stay consistent and cohesive. I feel much more professional and have received such amazing feedback about my new brand refresh. I would never have been able to do this without her and I am so thankful for her expertise + professionalism. I would recommend her to anyone & everyone!"

Why work with 2, 3, maybe 5 different people when you can work with ONE mentor that can help you with everything: from eDesign business + marketing to Graphic + Web design! Win win!

Freebie eDesign graphic by Amanda Foster

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15 min can change your life + biz

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Don't settle for boring branding + websites that hold your eDesign biz back. Elevate your game + watch your biz thrive!

Say goodbye to toxic clients +  projects that drain your energy. Instead, attract your dream tribe who'll be eager to work with you on projects you LOVE!  Let's chat.

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